A ‘Mean Girls’ Mobile Game Is On The Way, So What Should It Include?

Time to start clearing out space on your phones, because the Plastics are on their way. That’s right: Pocket Gems recently confirmed that they will be releasing a free mobile game based on the classic movie, Mean Girls . Such fetch news, right?

OK, OK — I'll stop.

The game, which will be released later this year, will combine original plots from the 2004 movie with a choose-your-own-adventure playing platform. Choose your own adventure WITH Cady and the Plastics?! I can hardly wait to find out just what those adventures will be — but I’m sure whatever the girls get themselves into in this awesome game, it will pay homage to the original story in a great way — while hopefully including some of the movie’s best dialogue.

Pocket Gems reports that the game will pick up where the movie left off, so each player will start as a high school senior who has to interact with characters from the movie. Then, you have to make super important choices, like what to do, who to talk to, and what to wear. (ON WEDNESDAYS YOU’LL WEAR PINK, OF COURSE.)

But, what else should we expect from the game? Here are some of my hopes and wishes for the new game.

1. Having To Your Way Around School As The New Girl

You’re the new senior at school, so the first adventure should totally be figuring out how to make your way through the hallway without getting lost. Trust the students who lead you outside to talk instead, obviously — making lifelong friends is just as important as making it to your classes.

2. The Ability To Choose Who To Sit With In The Cafeteria

I mean, this one is pretty much a must, right?

3. The Ability To Compete In An Art Competition

Where you have to draw caricatures of your BFFs, of course.

4. The Quest To Sabotage A Mean Girl

Considering this plot makes up a good chunk of the movie, the game should totally include it.

5. The Ability To Throw A Party When Your Parents Are Out Of Town


Bonus points if no one breaks an African vase, hopefully.

6. Having To Get The Person Who Sits In Front Of You In Math Class To Like-Like You Back

Just don’t fake stupidity. That never worked out for anyone.

7. The Ability To Shop For A Prom Dress

One that doesn’t make you look like a zombie bride, please.

8. Having To Infiltrate The Plastics Without Being Caught

The trick to this challenge: be true to yourself. People like people best who like themselves.

9. And, For The Final Round: A Self-Esteem Building Workship

You final mission should totally be to join the other girls in the gym and talk about your feelings. You'd win the game only when you understand the importance of female friendship and believe in yourself.

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