Kristen Bell Gives CMT Music Awards Hosting Advice & It's Hilarious

Hosting the CMT Music Awards is no easy feat. There are screaming fans, awards to give out, and performances every other minute on two different stages. Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews is joined by Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow.Luckily, they were joined by 2014's CMT Music Awards host Kristen Bell, in a pre-recorded season meant to "prepare" them for the gig. Even if the two hostess' didn't appreciate the advice halfway through the show, I enjoyed it. The clip was so funny!

In the bit, an overalls-clad Bell left a series of voicemails with different funny insights. Between this and her commercials with husband Dax Shepherd, I feel pretty welcome inside of Kristen Bell's home. She advised the hosts to not look Luke Bryan in the eyes because "they're a beautiful lagoon and you'll drown in it" or call Darius Rucker "Hootie" because... just don't. Fight that 90s instinct, y'all! I think those are both solid pieces of advice. She also "revealed" that Eric Church always wears sunglasses because he doesn't have eyes. Spooky!

Comedian Ron White, who gave us some "facts" before introducing one of the performances, is not exactly my speed. So Kristen Bell's quirky humor was a nice change of pace. She also referenced Game of Thrones with the Red Priestess' catchphrase "the night is dark and full of terrors." The CMT Music Awards may not have been the best audience for that joke, but I got you, girl!

Finally, last year's host advised the two hostesses to just claim they were Kristen Bell if anybody got upset. "They're all drunk and we're all blonde," she joked. Amen to that!

Bell returned in a second star-studded sketch later in the night that joked about Nashville's equivalent of Uber, called "Guuber" instead. In a show that doesn't rely too much on taped sketches, and doesn't need to, these were appreciated comic moments. It made me wish she was hosting again, just a little bit.