Who Directed 'Jurassic World?' Colin Trevorrow Is About To Be Hollywood's Most In-Demand Filmmaker

In a move that's bound to please fans of the original series, a lot of things about Jurassic World are very, very familiar. There's the movie's basic premise, for one: dinosaurs gone wild, with human visitors fearing for their lives. And then there are all the throwbacks to the original films, from the score to the T-rexes to the casting of B.D. Wong. Yet one thing about World is strikingly new — its director, Colin Trevorrow. Despite being behind one of the biggest movies of the year, the filmmaker is far from a household name — although Friday's release should certainly change things. In the meantime, though, many fans might be wondering: who is Jurassic World 's director, Colin Trevorrow?

Some fans might already be familiar with his work, even if they aren't aware. Trevorrow directed 2012's Safety Not Guaranteed , a sweet indie about time travel starring Aubrey Plaza and Jake Johnson (who also happens to star in Jurassic World) that earned rave reviews upon its release. Yet for those who didn't get a chance to check out the adorable film and don't know much about Trevorrow's work, here are seven things to know about the Jurassic World director:

1. He's A Newcomer To The Series, But A Longtime Fan

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Although Trevvorow had never been involved with a Jurassic movie before, he's spoken often about his longtime love for the series. In an interview with The Daily Beast, the director revealed that he saw the first movie when he was 16, and he was so awed by the movie's scope that, he said, "it took me back to being an 8-year-old." And in an interview with Blastr, he summed his feelings about taking over the helm of the series more bluntly, saying, "these movies are in my blood."

2. Steven Spielberg Helped Get Him The Gig

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According to Screen Crush, Trevorrow was hired when director Brad Bird recommended his work on Safety Not Guaranteed to Jurassic World's producer, Frank Marshall. The film caught the attention of both Marshall and, especially, fellow producer Steven Spielberg, and Trevorrow was asked to pitch them his Jurassic idea. The rest, as they say, is history.

3. He Has A Cameo in Jurassic World

In the film, Trevorrow briefly appears — or, more accurately, is heard — as Mr. DNA, the cartoon character tasked with explaining to tourists how the dinosaurs were recreated. It's a throwback to the original film, where a video featuring Mr. DNA and InGen founder John Hammond was played before tours of the park.

4. He's An Awards Favorite

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For Safety Not Guaranteed, Trevorrow received nominations for the Indie Spirit Awards' Best First Feature and the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards' Most Promising Filmmaker, among other honors.

5. You Won't See Him Directing The Next Marvel Movie

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Despite clearly having a knack for blockbuster action movies, Trevorrow has no intentions of directing a comic-based film anytime soon. He told ComingSoon.net that he is "not the right guy to do a superhero movie," due to his lack of knowledge about the characters' mythology.

"The last thing I would want to do is not show the respect and the understanding for that mythology out of ignorance," he explained.

6. His Next Movie Is As Mysterious As It Gets

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In March, it was announced that Trevorrow will direct Book of Henry , a film he called "a remarkable piece of screenwriting." Details of the movie are totally unknown, though, and are being guarded with J.J. Abrams-like secrecy.

7. He's Reteaming With His Jurassic World Co-Writer Once More

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In addition to Book of Henry, Trevorrow is also set to make Intelligent Life , a sci-fi thriller he wrote alongside Derek Connolly, his longtime writing partner. The duo also wrote the scripts for Jurassic World and Safety Not Guaranteed, so clearly, they know what they're doing. Here's hoping their latest collaboration is just as exciting as their others.

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