Kandee Johnson Posts "1 Face, 5 Makeup Looks" Video That Shows Makeup's Transformative Power

The latest awesome makeup vid to hit YouTube is thanks to BuzzFeed makeup guru Kandee Johnson, who's new "1 Face, 5 Makeup Looks" showcases the deeply transformative power of product. Johnson makes rocking edgy styles, from goth to some major contouring, look easy. Move over, Kim Kardashian!

This isn't the first time Johnson has wowed viewers with her amazing looks. I've personally been a fan of one of the original beauty gurus for some time, and she's posted everything from some incredible Halloween looks to the incredible "Girl to Tony Stark" video (you have to see that one to believe it), all of which just prove makeup is truly an art form.

Many vloggers have been taking to their channels to show off the power of makeup, using the art form in a truly empowering and body positive way, but Johnson's latest video proves that makeup is the ultimate form of self expression and it can really change the way you look. Whether you wear a lot or just a little makeup, Johnson's take on five completely different styles will definitely impress you — and perhaps inspire you to pick up a makeup brush and some powder.

1. Goth

I personally love to pull a Lorde and rock a bold lip now and then, but this majorly goth, smokey look is giving me major inspiration to go even further with the dark makeup.

2. Baby Doll

Okay, the blue eyebrows may be a little out there, but hey, pink eyebrows are now a trend, and what better way to test out a colorful brow than with makeup before dye? Paired with a matching lip and an oh-so-cute pink heart, this look could be perfect for any kind of quirky event.

3. Natural

I personally love Johnson's natural look — a perfect, everyday makeup routine that focuses on brightening the eyes, and giving you that all over glow.

4. Contoured

Wow. This one may seem to be on the more normal side, but Johnson showed off some major contouring skills here. If this look doesn't scream red carpet, I don't know what does.

Just look at all that contouring and highlighting. Impressive, plain and simple.

5. Pin-Up

Johnson's final look was a classic one — the pin up look with a bright pink lip. This style of makeup is fun and playful, and a great way to add a little more glamour to your everyday look.

Watch the video below to see the five looks in action:

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Bet you're feeling inspired to branch out of your comfort zone right about now!

Images: BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube