Will 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' Make You Cry? Get Your Tissues Ready, Because The Teen Drama Is A Heartbreaker

When an allusion to death is in a movie's very title, it can be assumed that its subject matter is going to be dark. So it's a surprise, then, that Friday's Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, despite its ominous name, is actually a pretty uplifting film, with much more of its energy focused on comedy and sweetness than sickness and death. Still, this is a movie about cancer, and it's not without its share of heartbreaking moments. There's no doubt that the film is bound to elicit tears, but the question is, how much will Me and Earl and the Dying Girl make you cry? Light, Love Actually-style sniffles, or heavy, don't-go-out-in-public Fault In Our Stars sobs?

Well, that all depends on your tolerance for the combination of sick teenagers, emotional music, and and seeing the serious sides of SNL cast members. Assuming that it's low, though, be prepared to emit at least a few tears throughout the movie's run, and if you're notorious for sobbing at commercials and sad Taylor Swift songs, make sure to have a pack of tissues by your side.

Still, it's not all sadness and breakdowns; there's plenty of joyful, even celebratory moments in Me and Earl to make the movie fall squarely under the label of "dramedy." And if you're an experienced moviegoer, this surely shouldn't be your first time navigating the land of movies' mixed emotions. Below, five other films to see or revisit to prepare yourself for the sometimes-heartbreaking, sometimes-hilarious tone of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl:

1. The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Perks and Earl may have totally different plots, but in terms of tone, they couldn't be more alike. Both are thoughtful, poignant films that deal with the complexities of adolescence, and feature strong, realistic friendships and parent-child relationships. Each movie is vibrant at times and sorrowful at others, a whirlwind of emotions bound to keep viewers having all the feels.

2. Silver Linings Playbook

Although Silver Linings Playbook isn't really a tearjerker, it does have its share of dark, serious moments — remember those scenes when Bradley Cooper went manic? Still, it's filled with comedic moments, just like Me and Earl.

3. It's Kind of a Funny Story

Like Me and Earl, the movie's subject matter is quite somber; instead of cancer, it's suicide. But, like Me and Earl, it also never takes itself too seriously, always remembering to find the light in even the worst situations.

4. Juno

Ultimately, Juno is a happy movie, about finding family and falling in love. It's easy to forget, though, that many of the film's greatest moments are its darkest, such as when Mark and Vanessa's marriage fell apart, and the upcoming adoption became perilously fragile.

5. Lost in Translation

Terribly sad, hugely uplifting, and heartbreakingly real, Lost in Translation fits the genre of "dramedy" more perfectly than practically any other movie ever made. In that sense, Lost in Translation and Me and Earl are strikingly similar in all the best ways.

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