7 Types Of Guys You Have A Crush On At Work

Most people spend a ridiculous portion of their time in an office. Which means spending a ridiculous amount of time with the people in that office. So work crushes are about to happen with the people there, because, well... they're right there. And yes, maybe in the outside world they wouldn't be your thing, but don't underestimate the romantic power of proximity. Proximity and desperation, because there's not much else to look at besides your work (and let's be realistic, you're not doing any of that). I guess you could stare at the wall, or actually listen to Mary who sits on your left and will not stop showing you pictures of her cats. And then there he is. In ways that you never thought you would find impressive. But at work, your crush standards drop severely.

Call it office goggles— like beer goggles, but way more dull. There are some diamonds in the rough, however. Maybe it could turn into something. Probably not if you’re me and you forget your tupperware so you just pour cooked tortellini into an old shopping bag and carry it in that (there is photographic evidence of my shame that day). But it could happen. So keep your eyes open and a look out for these seven guys you get a work crush on, because they're out there and they're ready to be your work husband (if that's what you're looking for).

1. The Guy Who's Really Good At Helping You With Your Computer

If you're anything like me, technology is terrifying. Anything on my computer I don't recognize, any lost password, any freezing— it all sends me into a panic. I don't understand how the computer works and I don't trust its ways. So when someone can come and give me a hand, he is basically my knight in shining armor who also wakes me up with spoonful of Nutella and awesome sex. The relief is intense.

2. The Guy Who Makes Bad Jokes

Yes, in reality the fact that his sense of humor rivals that of a 15-year olds in the locker room would bother you. But when you're stuck in a boring meeting having the irreverence to crack any sort of joke is really admirable. Even rolling their eyes, or hinting at the boredom and frustration you're feeling is a revelation. You're more than OK with it.

3. The Guy Who Gets You Coffee

OK, yes, he gets everyone a coffee. He's the coffee guy. But part of your brain is like "this is so cute, I bet he'd make me coffee in bed in the morning" and ignores the fact that that would also translate to him making everyone in the office a coffee in bed in the morning which is definitely not what you would want.

4. The Guy Who Looks Damn Good In A Suit

Some men just know how to wear the hell out of a suit. And it's sexy as hell. The one relationship I've had develop in the office started simply because the guy looked so hot in a button down shirt that my office friends and I used to email joking about the golden body that must lurk beneath that very fitted fabric. And then I found out, and it was indeed glorious. (Note: He worked on the floor below and never had to watch what I do to pizza, which may have contributed to this favorable outcome.)

5. The Guy You Keep Running Into In The Kitchen

The closest thing you get to a social life in most offices, the little exchanges in the kitchen can feel like a much needed dose of reality. You may learn one tiny detail about a person that you can obsess over and blow out of proportion: "He hung out with his nephew this weekend? He's so altruistic and good with kids, and oh my god he would make a great dad!". Try to keep a hold on reality folks.

6. The Guy You Get Drunk With At The Christmas Party

Maybe this isn't so much guy you're likely to have a crush on as guy you make out and fumble around with in the stairwell (although ideally they are the same person). Even if your office does regular drinks, the Christmas party is when people really let loose (and if your office is in the UK the paper hats come out and the gates of hell open). Things can get a little wild, which is fine, because none will remember it the next day anyway.

7. The Guy Who Reminds You Of Jim Halpert... A Little Bit... At All

Real talk, any office crush you have is just a shadow, an homage, a hollow echo of Pam and Jim. They are not just #workcrushgoals, they are the ultimate in #relationshipgoals and their perfection has inspired all workplace crushes that follow. Which basically means you'll fall for any guy with a goofy haircut and a lopsided smile. A girl can dream. JUST LOOK AT HIM:

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