15 Gorgeous Red, White, & Blue Hair Photos To Help You Celebrate America's Independence

The Fourth of July is coming up quickly. But instead of reaching for that American flag T-shirt that you don every year, why not switch up how you show your pride? And no, I'm not talking about a new American flag T-shirt. I'm talking about red, white, and blue hair. Funky hair colors are totally having a moment, and what better time to try out a brand new hue than Independence Day?

So if you've always wanted to go red, now is the time to hit up your local beauty supply or schedule an appointment with your stylist. Of course, if you're not the type to spontaneously dye your hair, there are plenty of other options to rock firework-inspired hues. If you want an all-over color, try a temporary dye or pick up a fun wig. If you're more into the idea of streaks, a hair mascara or chalk is your go-to. Or if you're all about that ombre look, extensions that you can clip into your existing color is the way to go. To help you decide how you want to add color to your hair, and how you want to style it, here are some gorgeous ladies with some gorgeous locks to inspire you.



This half-and-half look is so fun.

A pretty ombre is always a good idea.

Accent streaks add subtle color your look.

Or go all-out with layered colors.


Curls look so pretty in white.

How amazing are these white and blue dreadlocks?

Add extensions for a fun, colorblocked look.

This monochromatic look is so chic.

Yes. Braids for days.


Mixed tones with a hint of white gives such an easy, laid-back look.

I'm in love with this face-framing color.

Those bright, true-blue tips are everything.

Hide the blue under red for a fun, two-toned look.

Or pump up the volume. Clearly, these hair colors don't run.

Image: siSSen/Fotolia