"Guys Explain What Happens At the Gynecologist" BuzzFeed Video Is Hilarious And Full Of Misconceptions.

Guys tend to be pretty clueless about most things that involve, ahem, "lady parts" but don't involve sex. And never is this more evident than when you ask guys to explain what goes on at the gynecologist. But in a new video from BuzzFeed, some guys do make a valiant effort to try. And, well, at least they tried right?

Whether guys are trying to explain periods, figure out how you'd use a tampon, or just identify basic aspects of the female anatomy, it's kind of adorable how out of their depth they are when it comes to the female reproductive system (and to other things, too). Of course, that doesn't keep some guys from trying to cash in on their limited understanding, but that's another matter.

Really, I suppose guys don't have much reason to need to know about most of this stuff — though I imagine that if men had periods, or regularly needed gynecologists, or any of the rest of it, they would definitely expect women to familiar with all the relevant info. The fact that most guys seem to be so ignorant of things that are so basic for women is really funny to think about. I mean, how do they escape getting this information? And where do these misconceptions come from? It's an eternal mystery.

And this is the result.

Gynecologists Give You Lollipops

I don't know why you're imagining this; women are not small children. That said, I would take a lollipop if my gynecologist ever offered.

Pap Smears Involve...Paint?

Why would paint be involved here?

Women Are Basically Cars

One guy likens the gynecologist to NASCAR pit crews, and two make the observation that a checkup is like an oil change. Because women are basically cars.

And Your Cervix Is Like An Avocado

Because you have to check if it's ripe? I have no idea.

Just watch the video.

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