This Perfume Commercial Parody For Playboy Generation Is Oddly Inspiring — VIDEO

The concept of a "signature scent" has always been very appealing to most women I know. It's a ~becoming~ identifier to say that you wear a certain perfume. Like a lipstick shade, you have one that is yours. Here's the thing about perfume ads: There's no way to make the audience smell the illustriously ethereal scent that your perfume undoubtedly has to offer. So instead we put a beautiful woman and a deep looking man on a beach somewhere and let that $h*t sell itself. Behold: The perfume commercial parody that does exactly that.

The parody takes every element that makes a perfume commercial what it is, and twists it in the most hilarious way possible. And are you ready for some ad-ception? Turns out this is a real ad for Playboy Fragrances, completely inverted so they're making fun of themselves the whole time. Gotta appreciate anybody with the ability to fall on their own sword for some lolz.

Anyway, here's exactly what you need to make a perfume commercial, so ad agencies and aspiring Dior brand ambassadors, take note. Pro tip: Learn as much as you can about tomatoes prior to the shoot.

First, you'll need:

A hot guy on a beach who is confused about life.


Next, a beautiful woman without a back story.


Passion, pleasure, endurance


Abstract shots of insects, perhaps.

Sensual contact


Confused glances


Sexy product placement


After that? I'd buy it.

Watch the full video and prepare to LOL but in, like, a sensual way:

Neel Kolhatkar on YouTube

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