See Jamie-Lynn Sigler's Majorly Different New Look

It's usually best to make a major hair transformation in stages, like cutting off a few inches over the course of three months if you are going from long to short or dark to light in stages, since it can be so jarring. Jamie-Lynn Sigler just chopped off her hair and went blonde at the same time, so she certainly didn't apply any of that aforementioned baby step logic to the process.

The actress, who played Meadow Soprano on The Sopranos, just went for it.

Sigler, who is mom to a young son, documented the process of lobbing off her locks on Instagram, similar to what Lady Gaga did when she went from brown to blonde. Sigler's hair is usually a glossy shade of brunette with either ombre ends or some golden highlights. Now, she has a layered lob and golden locks.

All told, Sigler shed 12 inches of hair and donated the strands to Locks of Love.

Judging from the pictures, Sigler, 34, pretty much ripped off the Band-Aid, as opposed to cutting in stages, as she shared a picture of her chopped ponytail. As a long hair lover and haver, I cringed at the sight, since I know I can't do it. But I applaud Sigler for being daring with her coif change and for supporting a good cause.

Janette Pellegrini/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's the four stages of Sigler's "Short hair, don't care" journey.

1. Before!

Sigler's hair was even longer than I thought. Look at that soon-to-be-gone cascade of curls.

2. Just Getting Started...

Chop chop! A foot of hair... gone! Off with her... hair.

3. Lighten The Load

Sigler was only halfway there with the chop! She lightened the load, and then the color.

4. Ta-Da!

Here is the finished product! Shorter and blonder, but just as lovely. Sigler's hair still looks long and full, even though it is a much shorter lob. The super golden color is fun for summer, too.

J-LS has rocked gorgeous chocolate locks for years, so she can hang with this refreshing, elegant change.

Images: Jamie-Lynn Sigler/Instagram (5); Getty (1)