Xtina Lyrics That Taught Us All About Love

by Kenya Foy

Listening to the soaring, angelic sounds that effortlessly stream forth from Christina Aguilera’s powerful pipes can sometimes be overwhelming. To say she’s an amazing singer is an understatement — but even I, a diehard Christina Aguilera fan, have to admit there’s a huge risk involved in becoming too caught up in her vocal rapture. Aside from spiraling into self-pity over your inability to hold a note as long as she can, focusing solely on her voice could cause you to miss out on some of Aguilera’s more profound lyrical lessons in love.

If you pay close enough attention, it's clear that over the course of her career, Aguilera's crafted the quite the reputation for being somewhat of an expert on love. But make no mistake — Xtina’s penchant for sprinkling some serious love truths throughout her music didn't just start after she got married and became a mother. Let the record show that way back when she was sporting crop tops and exposed bras while proclaiming her need to be rubbed the right way ("Genie In A Bottle," that is!), she always managed to share some pretty sage advice when it came to dealing with matters of the heart.

With all of the love-related lyrics I’ve gathered from some of her songs, I’d say I have enough material for the first episode of a potential Christina Aguilera talk show. But, until she steps into Oprah’s shoes, let’s take a look at eight love lessons Christina Aguilera songs taught us:

"If you wanna be with me/ baby there's a price to pay" — "Genie In A Bottle"

In other words, don't be so quick to give away all of your fabulousness for free. Anyone who wants your love and trust must put in some serious overtime to earn it.

"Whatever makes me happy sets you free" — "What A Girl Wants"

You heard it straight from Xtina's glorious vocal chords — love should be all about you.

OK, OK, just kidding. But seriously, it should be a two-way street where your partner enjoys giving as much as they get.

"Hey boy, don't you know/ I got somethin' going on" — "Come On Over (All I Want Is You)"

Confidence is always key — and matters of the heart are no exception. If you're feeling yourself, then, odds are, someone else will too.

"I need to walk away from you/ Get away, walk away, walk away" — "Walk Away"

When it comes to love, everyone needs to know when to say when.

"You made me learn a little bit faster/ made my skin a little bit thicker. " — "Fighter"

Xtina taught us to look on the bright side of a love gone wrong by finding strength in her ability to pull through.

"Ain't no other man/ can stand up next to you" — "Ain't No Other Man"

Here, Aguilera stresses the importance of supporting the one you love.

"'Cause I want everyone to know that you are mine and no one else's" — "Ain't No Other Man"

Clearly Xtina knows the importance of open communication when it comes to love.

"If I could undo that I hurt you/ I would do anything for us to make it through" — "Blank Page"

Thank you Xtina for showing us that when it comes to love, it's totally OK to be transparent and vulnerable.

Listen up, Xtina fans. The love doctor has spoken.

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