Here's How To Get The Most Out Of Your Shower

Who knew that there is an actual best way to shower? While washing one's body and hair seems pretty basic, going through the motions is not always the best for skin and hair. Especially if you have concerns like bacne, razor burn, or dry and damaged locks, how you use your products is just as important as what products you use. So if you feel like you've tried everything on the market to no avail, maybe it's time to stop trying different products and try a different method instead.

Although five-minute showers have their merit, if you wash, shampoo, condition, and shave, those five minutes really aren't enough for a successful shower. And an expedited routine can easily lead to shaving mistakes and hair-conditioning mistakes. I'm not saying that each step requires a full ten minutes for optimal results (and besides, using water for that long can be wasteful), but optimizing the steps you take can help reduce or banish some skin and hair issues you may have. So kill three birds with one stone by following this order when you shower to help reduce irritation and razor burn from shaving, acne on the face and/or body, and damaged or thirsty locks.

1. Exfoliate

If you plan to shave during your shower, make sure the first thing you do is exfoliate. A good scrub will help whisk away dead skin cells, allowing a closer shave, and it will also help reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

2. Wash & Condition Hair

Next, and before you do anything else in the shower, wash and condition your hair. If you don't shave everyday, try using a deep conditioner or hair mask

on the days when you do shave (otherwise, try to at least once a week). The more time these repairing treatments sit on your hair, the better they work, so the time it takes to shave is a perfect multi-tasking opportunity.

3. Shave

Waiting longer into your shower to shave will help you obtain a smoother and closer shave. Because warm water softens the follicles, there is less tugging and therefore less of a chance for irritation and razor burn from shaving. Also, the hair on your head can reap more benefits from your conditioner by keeping it in during shaving, because the product has more time to sink in.

4. Rinse Hair & Wash Body

It may feel weird to wash your body last, but if your skin is prone to breaking out, this will help. The residue from shampoo and conditioner can cause breakouts both on the face and body, so washing last ensures that all of those ingredients that could clog pores are no longer sitting on the skin. Especially if acne around the hairline or on the back is a problem, washing last should help. Now all you need is the perfect fuzzy bathrobe to wrap your optimally clean self up in.

Images: Bianca Consunji/Bustle; Giphy (4)