We Get It, Kim. Nori Is A Darling Angel.

Do you remember when Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton were pregnant at the same time and everyone was talking about how the Kardashian baby would be American royalty? Well, talk about Divine Right: Kim Kardashian West posted pictures on her Instagram late Sunday night of Her Royal Highness, North West, being christened in Jerusalem. Good luck trumping that in a few weeks, Princess Charlotte. The pictures Kardashian posted show her modestly dressed family in an Armenian church, with little North sleeping soundly on her shoulder. As if we needed any more proof that North is an angel blessing us all of with her presence, little Nori is dressed all in white and seems totally unfazed by the religious ceremony.

According to a local news report, the pictures were taken on April 13, when little Angel North West was baptized at St. James Cathedral in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem. The trip followed the Kardashian/West family's travel to Armenia, where they met fans and dignitaries alike. But the moment went undocumented until Kim Kardashian blessed us all late last night with multiple photos of the sacred event. And can we just talk about how they look like something straight out of a tableau? Maybe it’s the head covering that Kim K. is wearing or the christening gown Nori has on, but I look at these pictures and I can’t help but expect the clouds to part, the angels to start singing, and a ray of golden light to shine down on that beautiful sleeping babe.

The other exciting thing about these pictures? Kardashian West revealed in her caption that she was pregnant at the time. HALLELUJAH! Add it to the timeline of Kardashian’s second pregnancy that fans everywhere are trying to piece together.

I know they say that all children are a blessing, but I feel particularly blessed to have Kim Kardashian’s child in my life. All of those monochromatic clothes? Those sweet little ballet buns? Those big, beautiful doe eyes? You know that child was sent directly from celebrity heaven for all of us to worship.