'PLL' Memes Know Everything About Your Life

You might not be being terrorized by a black hoodie-d sociopath with a unlimited supply of cash, but you can totally relate to Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Alison. After five seasons of chasing around A — and now Charles — Pretty Little Liars somehow found time to "get you" and it totally understands how real the struggle is. Whether you're the Hanna Marin of your friend group or you're still wondering whether or not Pretty Little Liars is trying to tell you that you are actually A, there's been a time over the past five seasons where your favorite character has more than accurately described your life. So, unsurprisingly there are Pretty Little Liars memes all over the internet just waiting for the day that you need coffee IMMEDIATELY or risk explaining to your boss why you've taken a nap in a morgue.

So, where words fail you the next time your barista decides to comment on your extremely specific coffee order or you can't seem to give your relatives the right answer to "Why are you not dating?" — here are 9 Pretty Little Liars memes that totally sum up your life right now. Because we're all Hanna sometimes.

When Wren Accurately Described Your Wednesday Morning Mood:


When Hanna Just Got "It":

We're all Hanna sometimes...

When PLL Proved The Perfect Response To Awkward Questions:

I don't have time to date, I'm too busy watching PLL.

When Hanna Made You Wish You'd Been Smarter:

The struggle is real.

This Accurate Representation Of Your Friday Day/Night Change:


When It's Finally June Again:


When Aria Accurately Described Meeting Your Crush:


When Caleb Knew The Right Comeback For Your Sassy Barista:

My complicated coffee order just shows that I know what I like.

This Perfect Reaction To The Haters:


Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; pll-all-day, milaamartinez, itskatris, prettylittleliarsfan901, hashtagpll, anthocamp, prettylittleliars-fanatics/Tumblr; Samantha Rullo/Bustle