7 Children's Brands And Characters To Wear Through Adulthood Because #GrownUpGoals

When it comes to growing up, there are many aspects of adulthood that just shouldn't have to be part of the grown-up experience, IMO. And wearing children's clothes (as in, garments inspired by things we'd typically deem "for children") that are made for adults is one of my favorite ways to keep from taking myself too seriously, as an almost 31-year-old woman.

Kid's fashion seems to have changed a lot over the years, since it feels like many of the looks made for children today are just smaller-sized versions of adult-wear. But there is still some pretty awesome branding out there that's made for the fun side of being a youngster, and I don't see any harm in transferring that bright and cheery sartorial energy into your adult wardrobe.

You know how you can get designs printed on your keys? Well, when I moved into a new place last year, I had my key made with an adorably pink Hello Kitty cartoon on them. I am known to occasionally sport a Sailor Moon button I got for Christmas last year. And I'm not ashamed that I have (and still use) an original Lisa Frank folder in my desk.

The thing is: I figure my love for the brands and styles I liked as a kid don't have to fade just because I'm "growing up." I'm still a responsible, active grown-up doing real-life, responsible things, after all. But here are some clothes with children's branding that are made for you, and that you shouldn't feel awkward about wearing. I know I won't.

1. Disney

Disney Slip-On, $60, vans.com

I'll start with the big one! I don't think I know a single person who doesn't still love and relate to their favorite Disney movie from childhood. With Vans' brilliant shoe and apparel collaboration with Disney recently launched, you can get all the raddest Disney apparel you like in Vans' signature on-trend and casual style.

2. Hello Kitty

Hellz Bellz x Hello Kitty Sweatshirt, $58, sanrio.com

Another heavy hitter, Hello Kitty has been producing quality cuteness since (can you believe it?) 1960. There's was nothing I loved more than going into a Sanrio store when I was little, especially because there wasn't one super close to me, so visiting was a really special occasion. But Hello Kitty isn't the only adorable character in the Sanrio lineup. Chococat is another of my favorite characters, who debuted when I was growing up in 1996.

3. Sesame Street

Elmo Love You T-shirt, $22, store.sesamestree.org

Probably an icon in most of our childhoods, Elmo is one of the sweetest characters to sport from the Sesame Street franchise. And what's not awesome about spreading a little love around with this adorable tee?

4. Charlie Brown

Snoopy Maternity Tank Top, $33, snoopystore.com

What more appropriate way to bring a bit of your childhood into your adulthood than to wear a Snoopy tank at the beginning of motherhood? I seriously smiled when I found out the Charlie Brown characters are appearing on maternity wear. There's something about these classic cartoons that reminds me that no matter how crazy my world gets, I can always smile and remember that being a child at heart is a pretty great way to live.

5. Barbie

Barbie Silhouette Tee, $18, forever21.com

Say what you will about Barbie's effect on little girls' self-image, but there has been some progress from the Barbie franchise to include a more realistic representation of women as of late. Plus, she's the doll all my friends and I were obsessed with as kids, and I couldn't wait to get the next one every birthday or Christmas.

Barbie remains a symbol of my youth, and I'd still be proud to bare her image on my body even now. Plus, Forever 21 and Torrid both have some incredible Barbie-inspired clothing on the market at the moment.

6. Nickelodeon

Hey Arnold Shirt, $25, etsy.com

If I wasn't watching Disney movies growing up, the television station was on Nickelodeon, as I'm sure most of you can relate to. Doug, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, and Hey Dude were among my favorites. Any of these cartoons or crazy game shows deserve a soft spot in my sartorial heart.

7. Lisa Frank

No longer available at urbanoutfitters.com

OK, so there was just that brief Lisa Frank stint at Urban Outfitters a couple of years back, but it's still a worthy kid's brand to flaunt in adulthood, and you can find Lisa Frank items on Etsy, too.

The official Lisa Frank website appears to be inactive at the moment, with only a promising message of the "fantastic world of Lisa Frank" making a new debut in the future. But this colorful children's brand always left me speechless as I walked down the stationary aisle with my mouth gaping open every time.

Images: Courtesy Brands