Amy Schumer Makes A Waiter's Day

It seems like comedian/actress Amy Schumer went from being relatively unknown to a superstar comedic force to be reckoned with in a matter of weeks. The Inside Amy Schumer star doesn't just make you laugh, she makes you think about female emotional combat, obsessive modern-day parenting and obsessive dog owners (who share eerily similar traits), and the insanity of defending Bill Cosby. She's the type of caring, smart spark plug you desperately want as your sidekick — and she's also the kind of person who does out-of-the-ordinary things for total strangers. Amy Schumer left a waiter a 1000 percent tip after strolling into the restaurant where he works and ordering a measly cup of soup and a few appetizers — proving she is down-to-earth as she is supremely talented.

Schumer reportedly dined at Pete's Clam Bar on Long Island, New York, where a source says she became involved in an "engaging, animated conversation with her server, Ryan," reports the New York Post. While chatting, her waiter apparently revealed that he works two jobs to pay his way through college and Schumer was either touched, impressed, or both because she left him a $500 tip on a $49 meal. Nice.

The 34-year-old probably saw a lot of herself in young Ryan — before getting her big break she made ends meet by waiting tables, too, and on Long Island, as a matter of fact. Despite growing up in a wealthy family on Mahattan's Upper East Side, Schumer relocated to Long Island after her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had to watch as his company went bankrupt, according to Entertainment Weekly. Rather than forget her personal struggle now that she's a major celeb, Schumer seems like she's on a mission to be the nicest non-diva in Hollywood. Here are just a few cool things she has done.

1. She puts family first

Schumer obviously knew her sister, Kim Caramele, was a talented writer, so she scooped her up and hired her as a writer on Inside Amy Schumer. The two are also collaborating with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig on a funny film about a mother and daughter trapped in vacation hell.

2. She is a staunch advocate for the rights of rape victims

It isn't just that she strongly feels it is wrong to rape a woman (because, duh), it's that Schumer acknowledges there is a "gray" area of rape that involves not-so-obvious scenarios in which sex crimes are committed against women by men they dated and maybe even liked. The comedian really speaks up for a group of women who need support.

3. She isn't above reality television

Schumer isn't too good for The Bachelorette, as she proved in May when she appeared on the show to teach its clueless contestants a thing or two about stand-up comedy. While the jury is still out on whether she'll accept Executive Producer Robert Mills' offer to become the next Bachelorette (I doubt this amazing moment in TV history will ever take place, but my fingers and toes are crossed), she is smart enough to know the best way to reach millions of people is by being open to creating art everywhere, even on reality television.

4. She is as excited about other people as they are about her

While posing for engagement photos in New York City's Central Park, Joseph Turnage and Brandon Moore told Marie Claire that

a woman who looked familiar suddenly appeared out of nowhere, excitedly asking if she could snap a photo with them. Yep, it was Schumer, and she gave the very happy couple

a photo to remember.

5. She makes no apologies for loving sex — sometimes

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Schumer unleashed the best quote to date about sex — one that I hope helps bury that whole you're either a "Madonna or a whore" argument. Here's what she had to say:

I have moments where I feel promiscuous and moments where I feel really boring like a one-woman-one-man woman. Sometimes I feel like I've really got it together and sometimes I feel like I can't face the day. I feel like we're all like that. Sometimes I really just do feel like a fucking mess and slutty and out of control. And sometimes I feel like, "Oh my god, I haven't had sex in months and I'm not looking to and I just want to watch Downton Abbey in bed and make tea for myself.

The world was desperate for someone like Schumer to come along — a strong, hilarious woman willing to take on stereotypes, speak out on subjects that frighten others, and keep things real — by boldly being herself and challenging other women to do the same.

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