So, What's Gonna Happen In 'Jurassic World 2?'

So, you've seen Jurassic World (and if not, get ready for spoilers). You watched Chris Pratt battle dinosaurs and save the planet, you got reacquainted with B.D. Wong and Mr. DNA, and you've caught all the amazing references to Jurassic Park that were in the movie. Well... now what? If you're anything like me, you're already focused on what's going to happen in Jurassic World 2 . Sure, the sequel may be a long way away, but it's never too early to start wondering about the fate of Owen, Claire, and the rest of the movie's crew (plus, the more time we have to reminisce on Chris Pratt in that shirt, the better).

At least we're not spending the next few years completely in the dark. The end of Jurassic World provided us with plenty of information on what to expect from the sequel, whenever it does eventually come our way. (Clearly, spoilers to follow). We know, for instance, that Dr. Wu, the dinosaur-creating geneticist, made it off the island, and that he had embryos in his possession – meaning that, when the sequel comes around, he'll be key in letting new dinosaurs run amok. His plan, created with Security head Vic Hoskins, to militarize the creatures for governmental use might actually happen, albeit without Hoskins' help (getting killed by a raptor usually prevents one from dreaming up any further evil plots).

There's nothing definite saying that Jurassic World 2 has to involve that plot, of course, but come on. It has to! The movie wouldn't just let a character run away with dinosaur embryos in his possession for no reason; chances are high that in the film's sequel, Dr. Wu, or at least someone he works with, will have a major role in creating monster-led havoc, and that Owen and Claire will be key in stopping the geneticists from going too far... unless they're too late.

Which, of course, is a terrifying prospect. Enormous, dangerous dinosaurs, used by the military in war zones across the globe? That's some scary stuff, and hopefully, Chris Pratt and Jurassic World's other good guys will stop the doctor's evil plans before they spin totally out of control. If even dinosaurs contained in a park can lead to violence and destruction, just imagine what letting those animals permanently out of their cages would be like. Total, ridiculous chaos — but then again, the Jurassic Park movies have always been about scientists doing all they could, not all they should. Militarized dinos wouldn't be the world's smartest idea, but oh, would a movie all about them be fun to watch.

Image: Universal Studios