'Jurassic World' Spoilers For Chris Pratt Fans

by Tracy Dye

It was recently confirmed that Chris Pratt will be appearing in Jurassic World sequels forever (or at least a while) and I couldn't be more thrilled! The highly anticipated release of Jurassic World on June 12 was precipitated by a series of pulsing trailers which were enough to convince us that Pratt's turn as velociraptor whisperer Owen Grady, was going to be a major highlight of the movie. As one who has a penchant for Pratt and anything dinosaur-related, I skipped to my local theater the moment Jurassic World debuted, and one thing became very clear once the credits rolled: Pratt battling a slew of prehistoric behemoths is one of the best things ever.

The blockbuster film moved at a fast clip that only the most formidable of rugged protagonists would be able to keep up with, and Pratt didn't disappoint in operating with the kind of heroism and zeal that we haven't seen since Jurassic Park's Dr. Ian Malcolm. It also doesn't hurt that Pratt looks — for lack of a better phrase — totally smoking hot while facing all the film's dinos. Seriously, guys, I don't know how Pratt lasted the entire film in that truly on fleek blue button-down without his rippling biceps bursting through the fabric and into all our respective hearts.

Just for fun, let's fan ourselves off and take a look at seven moments Pratt was smoking hot and amazing during Jurassic World. ***Warning: Some Jurassic World spoilers ahead.***

The Scene Where It Is Revealed That Owen And Claire Used To Have A Thing

During their first scene together, it is revealed that Owen and Claire went on one date but for whatever reason never had a second. Owen makes a flirtatious comment about Claire joining him in his bungalow, and she's like "no thanks" but looks intrigued. Who wouldn't be??

The Scene Where Claire Saves Owen And They Share A Smooch

After a volatile pack of pteranodons breaks loose, one attacks Owen and attempts to nom his face off. Claire saves Owen's beautiful face by shooting the pteranodon and he thanks her by roguishly pulling her in for a super shmexy kiss. Ow ow!

The Scene Where He Punches Hoskins

I certainly am not one to condone violence, but since we're talking about a work of fiction I think it's OK to converse about the hotness of Owen punching Hoskins in the face. Hoskins is one of the film's antagonists who has a maniacal plan to train Owen's pack of beloved raptors as military weapons. When Owen uncovers the plan, he defends his raptor friends' honor by punching Hoskins in the face. I believe I actually said "oh my!" out loud during that scene as my heart began to flutter.

The Scene Where His Compassion For The Raptors Makes Your Heart Melt

While some would look at raptors as carnivorous beasts, Owen treats them with the same respect as a beloved family pet. He is able to communicate with the raptors and ameliorate their volatile tendencies by building what he describes as a "relationship" between human and dinosaur that is founded on compassion and respect. He also calls them by name and makes sure they stay well-fed, proving that this rugged hero also happens to be a big old softie. What more could you ask for?

The Scenes Where He Saves A Bunch Of People From Imminent Death

One of the park's new workers almost gets mauled by raptors until Owen jumps into the raptors' confines to save him. When the Indominus rex escapes and things invariably go haywire, he basically spends a majority of the film keeping people from getting eaten and looks super hot while doing so. A man who knows his way around voracious dino-beasts is officially being added to my list of #RelationshipGoals.

The Fact That He Wears The Same Outfit For Pretty Much The Entire Movie

There's, like, one point in the beginning where Owen is wearing a tan shirt instead of a blue button-down and a vest. Other than that, we get to behold one truly great ensemble the entire time. Somehow he doesn't even seem to suffer a single tear in fabric throughout the movie, which seems nearly impossible considering all the prehistoric battles he takes part in. It looks so good, though, you end up not even caring.

The Scene Where He Regains The Trust Of The Raptors

During a pivotal scene where Owen brings a pack of loyal raptors to end the Indominus rex’s reign of terror, it is discovered that some of the strands of DNA used to genetically engineer the behemoth was from — spoiler alert — raptor DNA. After the Indominus rex and the raptors converse in dino-speak, it is clear that the genetic hybrid has claimed herself as the pack's new alpha, thus turning Owen's former friends against him and other humans. It all works out, though, because Owen later has a heart-to-heart with the raptors in the most heart-melting of ways before they engage in an epic battle royale against the Indominus rex.

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