The Next Cover Star Of 'Vogue' Is...A Horse?

Just when we thought Vogue couldn't get more surprising with its covers, ESPN announces that Triple Crown winner American Pharoah will cover a future issue of Vogue. Yes, a horse. On the cover of 'Vogue.' It's happening, guys. Last year's Kimye cover caused quite the discussion, so who knows what kind of frenzy will come with a horse gracing the cover. You've outdone yourself this time, Anna Wintour. According to American Pharoah's owner, Ahmed Zayat, the cover is already a done deal.

"We are breaking new territory," he said last week in a podcast interview with "We just signed an agreement to have him on the cover of the next issue of Vogue magazine."

In the past, winning race horses have been featured on the covers of magazines like Sports Illustrated (both Mine That Bird and Smarty Jones had covers way back when), but Vogue? What could possibly be fashionable about a horse? All things considered, we know that Wintour loves to make history, and a Triple Crown winner is certainly historical. Hopefully she'll include some street style from the races (Kentucky Derby, please!) and make sure that American Pharoah's mane is on point for his photoshoot.

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I also have other questions about what will actually be included in the cover story. Will American Pharoah be interviewed? Will they ask him about his favorite brand names? I would have to guess Prada, but maybe that's just me. Will his jockey be dressed in designer labels? Who will design said jockey outfit? Clearly a lot of planning will have to go into this spread. I can already imagine Pharoah's jockey, Victor Espinoza, appearing all clad in Marc Jacob tights, majestically riding Pharoah through some European mountain tops. If you're reading this Anna Wintour, I have some important contributions to give, clearly.

All in all, I guess it all boils down to one thing: what will his beauty look be? Given that glossy coat, I truly can't blame Vogue for trying.

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