Is Justin Bieber actually Jay Gatsby?

Is Justin Bieber a modern day Jay Gatsby*? He did throw a pretty raucous party this weekend, which was busted up by cops not one but three times, and which Bieber himself referred to as "Gatsby-esque." Does Justin Bieber know the true meaning of Gatsby-esque? Who knows. Baz Luhrman's remake of the classic novel and — and Leo DiCaprio as the man himself — certainly brought the phrase and the style back into trend. So how much like the notorious Jay Gatsby is Justin Bieber? Certainly, it's a burning question for the ages.

So let's check this out, shall we?

Self-Made Man

Well, Usher made Justin Bieber. But he is a powerful businessman, with a not-small army of people (fans and employees alike) ready and willing to do his bidding. So we'll give him that.

Lives a Life of Glamour/Opulence

*Sigh*, fine, we'll give him this one. He seems pretty intent on it, anyway. Swaggy, after all. It's all about the swaggy.

Image: Tumblr

A Shady Past

Well, Bieber did grow up in the Canadian projects. But he was also approximately six months old (re: 12) when he was discovered and whisked away to fame and fortune and Beliebers, so...nah.

The Subject Of Whirlwind Gossip


Never-Ending Pining

See that header picture? That's Justin Bieber straining his eyes, looking out across a dock/stadium concert audience in search of that mystical green light that means Selena Gomez still loves him.

At least, that's what the tabloids and the fan fiction seem to believe. Whether it's true or not is anyone's guess, but hey, we'll take it — the naivete that fuels Gatsby's longing is actually the thing that strikes us as the biggest similarity between these two dudes.

Image: Wikia

Symbolizes the Corruption of Wealth


*Spoiler alert: No.