Kim Kardashian Writes A Letter To Her Future Self & Wonders If She’ll Still Be On Fleek — VIDEO

If Kim Kardashian could talk to herself in the future, what would she say? Would she already have a plan in place for the millionth update to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood? Will she and Kanye West still be together? Wonder no more, because Kim has officially filled us in on what she wants to know from her 44-year-old self. As part of her Glamour cover interview, Kim wrote a letter to herself 10 years in the future, and the results are nothing short of amazing. In the two minute long video, Kim pens a letter to herself (apparently in Google Docs) complete with photos and deep and meaningful questions about where she'll be in 2025.

And let's be honest: A lot of the questions Kim asks in her letters are things I'm wondering, too. What about selfies? Are selfies still a thing? Will my children be taking them incessantly? More importantly, will Kim's children be taking them incessantly? Will Instagram still be around so that we can follow a pre-teen North West and stay up to date on said selfies? If you loved Kim's Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile, you're going to love this. Nobody makes fun of Kim Kardashian like Kim Kardashian, and there's a lot to be said for her sense of humor.

And although Kim's entire letter is priceless, these are some of the best moments from the video.

Her Reminder About Self-Love

It's true. Plenty of celebrities have said they really came into their own and learned how to love their bodies in their forties. However... it's also true that she's not getting any younger.

Her Plea For Kourtney To Stop Having Kids

Not only do the rest of us hope that Kourtney's done having babies in the next 10 years, but I have a feeling Scott Disick would be 100 percent behind this idea, too.

Mocking Herself For Taking Forever To Finish Her House

Kim and Kanye moved into Kris Jenner's house until their home was finished being remodeled and decorated, and it literally took the longest time for it to be perfect enough for them to finally move in. It's good that Kim recognizes this. And in reference to the first question: I really, truly hope that KUWTK is still on in 10 years.

Wondering If Selfies Are Still A Thing

I hope they are, Kim. I hope they are.

Asking The Question All Of Us Need Answers To

Being tan forever is the ideal situation.

And Finally, Wondering If She's Still On Fleek

It is my hope and prayer for the future that "bae" and "on fleek" stay in 2015 where they belong. The bad news: There will be new words in 2025 that are just as ridiculous.

Besides, Kim will obviously be the on fleekest 44-year-old that ever was. Is that word? Fleekest?

Images: Glamour Screenshots (6)