Why Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit Will Replace Your Need For Falsies

When I began dabbling with makeup in middle school it quickly became clear that I had no idea how to wear makeup (who knew that years later, I'd be uttering the words "Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit" without a stutter?!). With a caked on visage and soot-smudged eyes, I tearfully sought out my mother for assistance.

Being that she never wore makeup herself — my wedding was the first time I ever saw her wearing any — she had no advice to give, so off she went to our local Barnes & Nobel. She returned with Kevyn Aucoin's book Making Faces . Although it's a very helpful guide, I mainly focused on the practically-unwearable high-fashion looks, which I frequently attempted to recreate during sleepovers at my bestie's house. We'd smear mascara on our eyelids and pat loose hot pink glitter onto our pouts, fantasizing that we were chic supermodels or glamorous celebrities, and not two pre-teens literally raiding her mother's makeup collection.

Fortunately over time, I've been able to hone my skills, and my day-to-day face tends to look more fresh, less fashion-y. But I've never lost that curiosity; I'm constantly seeking new products to try, new ways to make my makeup routine better, faster, stronger. I've been suckered in by too-good-to-be-true product claims before — plumper lips, invisible pores, falsie-level lashes — and more times than not, I'm left disappointed. Not one to give up, I've been on the hunt for that "perfect" mascara for years.

I am not a fan of my thin, stubby eyelashes, and if I'm in a time crunch I typically make mascara my priority. I've tried dabbling with false lashes over the years with little success; I tend to either look like I was beating my face for reality TV cameras or I give up after gluing my eye shut (yes I've done this). The last time I tried individual cluster lashes I got impatient on removing them, and rubbed them off (as well as the majority of my actual lashes) by the end of the night. (Full disclaimer: It was New Year's Eve and a decent amount of champagne was involved in that decision — I don't recommend ever pulling off fake lashes when they've been attached with glue!)

(The individual lashes I painstakingly glued on, and then drunkenly pulled off.)

Relatively content with the knowledge that this might just be a skill that I would never posses, I've turned my lash focus on a staple I do know how to use, mascara. But regular ol' mascara won't do when you want a falsie level of thickness; no, you need a miracle-maker mascara. And I think I just found the Holy Grail.

I was flipping through some random fash mag during my last hair cut, and there it was, an ad for Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit. Like every other mascara ad, I assumed that PF was photoshopping or adding fake lashes before shooting, but something about the idea of adding your own extensions grabbed me. The online reviews were positive, and since it wasn't that expensive at $14.95 — compared to actual lash extensions, which start around $70 — I felt it was worth a try.

Before Application

Wearing Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream and Revlon Colorburst matte lip balm. No mascara or eye makeup.

One Eye Done

Added the Physicians Formula Mascara and Extensions to one eye. (Can you guess which one?) I felt very Clockwork Orange-ish at this stage.

Both Eyes Done

While I certainly wouldn't call this look "natural," I'm majorly digging the impact the lashes make. I used two full coats of Physicians Formula Mascara and Extensions on both eyes, and I felt my inner Drag Queen cheering. This level of impact might be best saved for a glamorous nighttime look, but I would honestly rock this running errands, at drunk brunch, or while watching Broad City.

Even with my eyes closed, they really looks like thick, fake lashes. The look might not be at a Real Housewives level of fake-ness, but considering I didn't even layer any mascara on this side, I'm impressed with the opaqueness.

A little close-up action for ya.

My only caveat would be, put a tissue under your eye as you apply the extensions, as they tend to fall and can make your under-eye look black. Even if there's a light dusting, you can wipe off the excess with a little remover or water and touch up with a dab of highlighter.

Images: Liz Black