9 Kol Quotes From 'The Originals' To Get You Through Any Possible Situation

Out of all of the vampire siblings on television these days (and there are a lot) I think The Originals Kol Mikaelson has to be the most under-appreciated. Which is rude, because Kol has had some great quotes over the years. Let's remember, he started out a thousand years ago as a talented witch, then became a pissed vampire, and finally bounced back from the afterlife as a witch with an ax to grind. When you really think about it, he's actually pretty similar to Klaus who gets all of the attention for being a crazy murder — except people root for Klaus. Kol, who is just as hot as his brother (impossible as that may seem), has an equally adorable accent and has killed so many people and gone so far off the rails he was literally nicknamed "the happiest homicidal maniac," but he's still disregarded in favor of Klaus, or the more noble Elijah. I'm not the only one who thinks he got the short end of the sibling-stick, Kol all but admitted that half of his killing sprees were just cries for attention. He was kind of a Bitter Betty that his family didn't care more for him. Which is silly, because Kol is funny and charismatic as all get out.

He's been dead now for months (as in dead-dead, not undead) and the lack of charming sass is obvious. So, let's all take a moment to appreciate the witty brilliance of the the wildest of the Mikaelsons with these Kol Mikaelson quotes for every situation — because there is no way he is staying dead for Season 3. I'm not sure what iteration we'll get next, but I have a feeling he'll be charming.

1. When Your Netflix Connection Goes Out

Because what are you going to do, leave the house? Get it together, Internet.

2. When You're Caught In An Obvious Lie

Sometime you just have to suck it up and admit that you didn't really have plans that night, you just didn't want to leave your couch. The truth hurts.

3. When Your Boss Asks You To Work Late On A Friday

Because no. Just... no.

4. When Someone Steals Your Lunch From The Break Room

The highest insult someone can pay you — you wrote your name on that salad, dang it!

5. When You're Getting Your Flirt On

Just a lonely witch, looking for another witch to go get some drinks with, maybe cast a spell or two. You know, normal people stuff.

6. When You're Having A Bad Hair Day

Or trying to decide if you're buying that new outfit, or when you see your ex with someone new — this could literally be applied to any situation.

7. When You're Flipping Gender Stereotypes

Because you don't need no white knight on a horse to rescue you! Get it, girl.

8. When Your Friend Is Stressing Out Over A Date

Seriously, relax. This is like the millionth first date; they should no longer be a big deal.

9. When You Need To Play It Cool

Remember: if you need to be a smooth player just fake a British accent and pretend you're an ancient vampire. It works every time!

Images: Bob Mahoney/The CW; giphy(3); davina-kol(2),ohmyklaus(2),danielsharmans, meaghanraths/Tumblr