Guy Smuggles A Bag Into Prison In The Background Of A Live Newscast And Doesn't Get Caught — VIDEO

I, like the rest of the Western world, have been passively binging on the new season of Orange Is The New Black as of late. While doing so, bae and I have run into a lot of questions. Namely, "How the hell did they manage to get a hold of all that heroin in lockdown?" Well, apparently the answer is "easily." A new video captures a man sneaking a bag into a prison on live television, literally right in the background of a FOX newscast. Although the contents of said bag remain unknown, I tend to doubt it held a bunch of magazine and Little Debbie snacks.

The newscast was taped just outside Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY. Yes, that prison from which two convicted murderers escaped very recently. You'd think Clinton would go on seriously high alert after two inmates successfully fled the premises when they used power tools to drill an escape path. Yet, here we see a man—pretty impressively, I gotta admit—crossing the street in broad daylight with a duffle bag seemingly full of something and passing it off via a pulley system over the prison fence. The prison, nicknamed "Little Siberia," was previously known for its iron-clad security system. But...things change?

Do you see that tiny bag in the background going airborne and over the fence? I highlighted it with my very top-notch graphic design skills. It's clear, right? See the newscast below:

I gotta say big points for boldness here, dude. Usually people take more—uh—clandestine approaches when ushering illegal substance into prison facilities. Let's review some of the more (albeit, sometimes foolhardy) creative attempts:

Cat smuggling


Someone sent a real, live cat into a Moldovan prison with some weed tucked into its collar. Although I do love me some cats, I wonder why—if you were going through all the trouble—you'd smuggle in something as saccharine as marijuana. My favorite part is when the newscast mentions this isn't the first case in which individuals used cats to sneaks drugs into places.

MORE cat smuggling

primetimeru on YouTube

Now here is a brave feline and A+ headline ("Pussy pusher?" OK). This little dude sought to run some heroin back in to his owner in a Tatarstan prison but sadly, got caught. And badly hurt by guards watching the area. This is just sad.

Drone smuggling

On the techy flipside, a drone carrying drugs and weapons in an attempt to do a drop at a British prison never fully carried out its mission. It ran into a net and crashed much for that.

Clearly if you learn nothing else today, at least you now know obvious isn't always the worst policy.

Images: Netflix; FOX; LiveLeak