Photos Of Young Tom Hiddleston That Are Just as Adorable As Tom Hiddleston Is Now

I’m not generally the biggest fan of pale, villainous men, but, while watching The Avengers and theThorfilms, I realized there is something about Tom Hiddleston that I just can’t stop looking at. I know I should be drooling over the big sack of brawn and spray tan that is Chris Hemsworth whenever to two are on screen together, but that never happens. Instead, I’m totally taken in by Hiddleston — so that says something about just how amazing he is. I can't help it: I just imagine to be such a sweet guy with a wicked sense of humor and an adorable British accent that, even when he's playing an evil god hellbent on destroying the world, I've never been able to hold back my desire to just give him a hug. If you needed more proof of just how lovable he's always been (I doubt you do, though) it's your lucky day: I’ve found a few pictures of Hiddleston when he was but a young actor in the industry that prove it might be the case.

As we all know, Hiddleston is not nearly as evil or pale in real life as he is when he goes up against Thor as Loki. The pictures I found suggest just that: without all the makeup and hair dye, Hiddleston is just as cute as he is in my dreams — especially when he was younger. I mean, THOSE CURLS! That accent! Those baby blues! That wicked little grin that he occasionally reveals! It’s enough to make a girl melt over her tea and crumpets.

Here are a few pictures of a young Tom Hiddleston where he looks just as adorable as he does now:

In A Hat In The Gathering Storm

Don't hide those beautiful locks, Tom.

At A Dinner Party (From The Gathering Storm)

That is a party I would like to attend.

As A Theater Geek

To be or not to be. Am I right, Tom?

With Those Baby Blues

I don't want to look away.

Looking Like A Total '90s Stud In Suburban Shootout

You're welcome.

THAT SMILE (Again, In Suburban Shootout)

There it is!

Being The Center Of Attention

I'd listen to his speeches all day, every day.

Images: lordofthehamsters/Tumblr (5); Getty Images; tomhiddleston-gifs/Tumblr