Google Maps Will Now Let You Know Whether A Business Will Close By the Time You Get There, Plus 4 Other Google Maps Hacks

We've all been there: You're craving both french fries and pizza, and after a quick Google search you find a pizza place you've never heard of that sells pizza WITH FRENCH FRIES ON IT. Luckily it's a quick drive away; however, you were so wrapped up in all the excitement that you forgot to look at the hours and by the time you get there it had closed. Well, thanks to a new feature, Google Maps will warn you if a store will close before you arrive — so hopefully you'll never have this problem again!

According to Mashable, the feature is fairly straightforward. Basically, when you log a destination into Google Maps, you will be presented with the usual options of walking, driving, and using public transportation. You'll also be given the time estimate it will take you to arrive — but if Google Maps thinks there's a chance you won't get there in time, it will flash you with a little message that says, "Your destination may be closed by the time you arrive."

Of course, this isn't the only handy feature Google Maps has to offer (besides, you know extensive navigational services without which I would literally never be able to get anywhere). Check out some of these not-so-well-known features to make your life easier:

1. Offline Maps

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Can't afford to lose all that battery on using navigation? Google Maps actually lets you save maps so they can be used offline later. This handy feature allows you to reserve your battery power for more important things like Instagramming your final destination or giving that supposedly unbeatable Italian restaurant a bad Yelp review.

2. Find ATMs


If you press the search bar on Google Maps and then the ATM button at the bottom of the screen, Google Maps will locate all the ATMS nearby in case you're in need of quick cash. The same feature can help you find gas, grocery stores, pharmacies, car washes, and more.

3. Share Your Location with Friends

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Instead of texting your friends directions with how to get to you or simply giving them an address, you can drop a pin at your precise location and share it with your friends. It will then show up on their maps and direct them to you from wherever they are.

4. Delete Your Maps History

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Want to clear everywhere you've ever been and start fresh? You can visit Google's Account History website and clear your maps, as well as play around with other settings.

Check out an even fuller list of Google Maps hacks here. Happy navigating!

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