19 Babies Who Perfectly Understand How I Feel About Wednesday, Because They Too "Can't Even" — PHOTOS

Wednesdays are a challenge. There are occasionally pleasant Wednesday associations—for instance, hump day (you could go either way on whether that has a good connotation) and the color pink (Mean Girls is always a positive association). Apart from those two isolated Wednesday associations, it's a pretty drab day. You can't even say it's monotonous, because Wednesday is a day filled with feels, which are perfectly expressed by these babies who hate Wednesday. It's a rise and fall kind of day, because you start off the day feeling like the week just started, but by the end of the day you're in "Thank Goodness This Week's Almost Over" mode.

Luckily there is a perfect baby Insta for each level of emotion I reach on any given Wednesday. A baby’s face, for the fact that it’s approximately 4 inches long, can be shockingly expressive. Those wide eyes perfectly summarize my “oh $h*t” approach to Wednesday, and bless their little faces for that. You’d think all I'd need to express a “down in the dumps” kind of day is a pic of these babies' soggy diapers, but the facial expressions that comes along with those soggy diapers has much more to offer.

Here are 19 babies that perfectly understand how I feel about Wednesday:

1. Sad in a way that requires a stuffed animal

This baby gets to hold that stuffed animal and get SECURITY. What do we have? We deserve security too, dammit.

2. Trying to be a Happy Camper even though it is a bold-faced lie


3. Reaching dangerous levels of "B*tch, PLEASE"

4. Thinking about how I have better things to be doing, like finding a vending machine or running off to Paris

5. Wondering whether I should go out tonight because I'm ~too thirsty~ to wait for Thursday

6. The need to lie on the floor

It's not a want. It's a need.

7. Being too tired to board the subway properly

Which way is up? Is it legal if I offer to pay you to carry me? Asking for a friend.

8. Peeved by the fact that I can't stay in bed all day

What do you mean this hat isn't appropriate for the work place?

9. Sticking my tongue out

Me, when I realize I still have 2 days 'til payday.

10. Politely trying to say, "Come again?"

My best, "You want me to do what?" face

11. Having feelings about deadlines

I just need to watch these 3 episodes first, they're really important.

12. Heartbreak

13. The simultaneous need to be a superhero and fall asleep

I must do both. NOW.

14. The feeling of being kicked when you're already down

15. Refusing to face the world

Me, anytime before 11 a.m.

16. The desperate need of sugar

On Wednesdays, we eat pink cupcakes. Or white cupcakes. I want a cupcake.

17. The feeling of not being able to stomach even one more meeting

Plz don't make me.

18. The bliss that ensues when my sugar craving is finally satisfied

When confronted with a cupcake, I automatically start singing "I'm A Believer" in my head. I can't help it. It's a reflex.

19. Praising Oprah because the work day is over

Almost there, guys.

Image: Linda McGee/Flickr