Which Couples From 'Married at First Sight' Season 2 Are Still Together? The Second Round Wasn't So Lucky

If you were expecting the same stories of true love on Season 2 of Married at First Sight as we witnessed on the first season, you were probably a little disappointed. From the Season 1 couples, only Monet and Vaughn's marriage didn't survive, and to this day — more than a year after their first meeting at the altar — Jamie and Doug and Courtney and Jason seem to be blissfully in love. Unfortunately, that's not the way things panned out for Season 2's couples. Although they all first experienced chemistry in the beginning of the experiment, the realities of trying to make two lives into one got the better of them more than once. And, by the time decision day rolled around, Sean and Davina had decided to split, but Jaclyn and Ryan and Jess and Ryan wanted to stay together. So now that it's been six months, which of the Married at First Sight Season 2 couples are still together?

Fortunately, the reunion special aired Tuesday night, answering most of our questions. The bad news? Not all of the marriages survived the past six months without cameras and film crews. Marriage is hard, guys — especially when you've known the person you're supposed to sacrifice and compromise with for less than five minutes before you say "I do."

Sean & Davina

Unfortunately, these two decided that staying divorced was the right decision for them, and Sean's back in New Jersey, got the promotion he chased after, and Davina's still living in New York in the apartment she bought.

Jaclyn & Ryan R.

This was the big shocker of the reunion: Jaclyn and Ryan, who really seemed like they cared about each other, have decided to split, even though on decision day, they didn't want a divorce. The good news? They're still on such good terms that, by the end of the special, they'd decided to give it another try. Here's hoping it works this time!

Jessica & Ryan D.

Unfortunately, Jessica and Ryan's marriage fell apart pretty quickly — and the circumstances around it are pretty scary. Earlier this month, Jess got a restraining order against Ryan because of threats he made against her, and the story behind it is terrifying. So what'd they have to say about it at the reunion? Apparently, their marriage crumbled when Jess discovered that Ryan was cheating on her on Valentine's Day, and their relationship was basically over from that point forward. Not that I'm surprised, of course — I've never been a Ryan fan.

Married At First Sight is 0 for 3 this time around. My fingers are crossed for a way better outcome in Season 3, or I may actually start believing that meeting your spouse for the first time at the altar actually isn't the most effective way of meeting your soulmate.

Image: FYI