Watch Shemika Charles Limbo Under A Car Like The Boss World Record Holder She Is — VIDEO

There is no way to say what I'm about to and have it seem plausible, so here goes: Shemika Charles limboed under a car, because that is, apparently, what limbo queens do. Not only is Shemika Charles fierce, but she holds a Guinness World Record as of 2010. She's 22 now, which means she was a teenager when she officially became a world record holder. What were you doing at 17? I was getting my prom dress dry-cleaned and NOT becoming a world record holder. Charles was limboing her way to the top.

In 2010, she set the world record by limboing down to eight and a half inches. But that's nothing compared to her most recent record: Sliding under an SUV. Not only does that take amazing athletic skills, you also have to be able to conquer any claustrophobia you might have.

Charles trains nearly six hours per day and was inspired to become the first to limbo under a car because she couldn't break her 2010 record. Talk about taking things in stride...or in limbo? There's a pun somewhere in there. Come on, internet, help me out here.

Here's Charles limboing under an eight and a half inch beer bottle:

My back hurts just looking at this photo, but it's pretty incredible.

And with her Guinness World Records award:

To get under the car, Charles focused on controlled breathing because though the clearance was nine inches, some parts were even lower.

In addition to training every day, Charles sees a chiropractor once a week. She gets her talent from her mother, who limboed in her native countries, Trinidad and Tobago, and she's trained by her uncle. So it's a family business to say the least. Charles' greatest limboing ambition is to have her own show in Las Vegas. Who wants to go with me?

Charles has performed at NBA half time shows, and she's appeared on America's Got Talent.

Watch her limbo under the SUV:


And then do it again holding plates:


Here's the full video of her limboing to perfection:

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