12 Adorable 'Jane the Virgin' Father-Daughter Moments That'll Make You Wish You Got To Hang Out With Rogelio Too

Though Jane the Virgin is primarily about a mother-daughter-grandmother relationship (you know, in addition to the steamy love triangles, immaculate/artificial conception, and baby-stealing crime lords), Jane the Virgin still features one of the sweetest father-daughter relationships on TV. Over the course of approximately the amount of time it takes to gestate a baby, Rogelio and Jane's relationship goes from non-existent, to pretty darn strong... to be more specific, it went from Jane thinking Rogelio was a long-dead soldier while he was awkwardly stalking her in her place of work, to Jane (kind of) naming her baby after her dear old Telenovela star father.

Any way you cut it, theirs is quite the journey — one that nicely rides the currents of Jane's crazier-than-crazy life and Rogelio's massive ego. Like any father and daughter duo, they have their ups and downs (remember how terrible their first dinner together was?), but luckily for us Jane fans, they're mostly on the up-and-up. In a lot of ways, they're literally what the other was missing in their lives — she's grounded and kind of the ultimate realist (telenovela-inspired fantasies notwithstanding), and he's a veritable lesson in self-love. Their relationship changed both parties throughout the course of Season 1, and I'm more than excited to see them weather their way through Season 2 — but while we wait out the summer hiatus (and gear up for Father's Day), let's take a look at some of the best father-daughter moments of Jane the Virgin, starting with...

1. The First Time They Met

Come on, he was in full El Presidente regalia, and she was in a wedding gown. Best first meeting ever, or best first meeting ever?

2. That Time He Used His Social Media Powers For Good


3. That Time He Gave Her A Meaningful Gift

Jane took umbrage at what she considered a "meaningless" gift (in this case, a zippily adorable yellow Mini Cooper) — but it lead to a surprisingly sweet moment when Rogelio let her know just how meaningful (not to mention thoughtful) the gift actually was.

4. All Those Times He (Lightly) Stalked Her

Awkward, sure, but at least his heart was in the right place.

5. That Time They Played With Voodoo Dolls

OK, so this didn't actually happen... but it's still pretty darn delightful, right? Especially the matching maniacal glints in their eyes — like father, like daughter.

5. When She Called Him "Dad" For The First Time

Still one of the best moments in Jane history, and that's saying a lot.

6. That Time He Encouraged Her

Of course, he finished the statement with "... almost as much as I believe himself" — but knowing the stock Rogelio takes in himself, it still meant a lot.

7. When He Gifted Her With A Memento

Terrifying, but adorable.

8. On Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Of COURSE he would compare himself to Kanye West — they do have a super-sized ego in common, after all.

9. That Time He Made A Vision Board

Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie should be on every father-daughter vision board, because they obviously have a healthy, functional relationship to aspire to, right?

10. When He Sang At Her Baby Shower

Very, very sweet (even though the whole thing kind of went off the rails when it turned out her writing teacher was one of his many ex lovers).

11. When He Gave Her Seriously Good Advice

Jane the Virgin has a surprising amount of writing advice, and this little nugget of wisdom care of Rogelio is something we should all keep in mind.

12. When She Named Her Baby After Him

OK, she only kind of named her firstborn after him, but still: I'm hoping "Matelio" will catch on. (Also, his reaction was kind of priceless.)

Here's to more Rogelio & Jane awesomeness in Season 2 — and #HappyFathersDayRogelio!

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