7 Films Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Should Co-Star In, Because They Have Serious On-Screen "It Couple" Potential

Every once in a while, Hollywood gets it really, really right. That's what happened when the Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt movie Passengers was greenlit. The interstellar love story is going to feature two of the most beloved, and adorkable, actors in Hollywood right now, so it's no wonder that everyone is unbelievably excited to see it come to life on screen. Honestly, I'm hoping this is the beginning of a beautiful acting relationship between the pair, one in which, like Lawrence and Bradley Cooper and like Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson, the two get along so well, and have so much chemistry, that they start starring in practically every movie together. In fact, I have some ideas for films Lawrence and Pratt should co-star in.

I don't mean specific films, of course, because I would never pull an actor off of a project just because I want Lawrence and Pratt involved instead. And, besides, who knows what films will come up that the pair might be better suited for? All I'm saying is, there are some genres that I need them to explore after this, the launch of what I hope is a beautiful working relationship with each other.

1. Comedy

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Um, it would be an absolute waste not to have the two of them in a comedy film together at some point. Watch any interview of them, or watch them at any event, and you'll see that their personalities are perfectly suited to comedies. Just to see them play off each other would be amazing, and I have no doubt that they would ad lib so much of the script that the director would just throw the written one out.

2. Superhero

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Lawrence has starred as Mystique and Pratt has starred as Star-Lord, so both of them have lots of experience in this area. What needs to happen is that there either needs to be an X-Men/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover in which Star-Lord and Mystique meet, or they should make the jump over to DC and portray two different superhero characters that allow them to be in the same movie together. Somehow, Hollywood needs to make this happen.

3. Action

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Pratt might not be confirmed as our next Indiana Jones, but he and Lawrence both handle action scenes so well that they could very well be good for a Mr. and Mrs. Smith remake or something. Sure, they're no Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, but I can see them standing back to back and shooting as many enemies as they can during their last stand in a deserted department store.

4. Mini-Series


Both of them have film careers that make them too busy to commit to a TV series, but there are plenty of mini-series that they could film — or anthology shows they could join. Imagine Pratt and Lawrence on a season of True Detective. Imagine it, and then come back to reality and join me in wondering why no one has made this happen yet.

5. Animated

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Lawrence and Pratt both have voices that would be beautifully lent to a new Disney or Pixar film, OK? They might have missed their chance to be in Inside Out, but most of what Pixar does is magic, so I don't doubt that an animated project will come up that could tempt them both into joining the cast.

6. Horror

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Plot twist: Chris Pratt is the scream queen in this movie instead of J. Law. J. Law is still the final girl, but she's a Buffy-esque final girl who ends up saving Pratt so often that even the monster starts dismissing Pratt as a threat. OK, this is turning into more of a horror-comedy, but I'd watch it.

7. Parody

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A film like This Is the End would allow the two to play wildly exaggerated versions of themselves, something I think they would both be very, very good at. Pratt and Lawrence love to make fun of themselves, and make other people laugh with them, and a parody film would be greatly enhanced with their presence. If Passengers is a success, I really hope the two co-star in more movies together. They're too amazing not to.

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