This 'Catching Fire' Parody is B for Boring

While The Hunger Games and its sequels may be about and be marketed towards children, there's no question that the material they cover is far better suited for older ages. There's violence, death, starvation, class wars and more mature material, and yet the series is categorized as YA, given PG-13 ratings, and, on Wednesday, was parodied by the decidedly kid-friendly Sesame Street. In The Hungry Games: Catching Fur , "Cookieness Evereat" (Cookie Monster, in a starring role) takes part in a competition revolving around food.

There are certainly some highlights — Peeta is played by a pita bread, Cookiness acknowledges that "being strong heroine of entire franchise hard work" — but mostly, the video is kind of a bore. Much of the parody is devoted to Cookiness and friends figuring out patterns, which I guess is supposed to be educational for kids, but come on, kids aren't the ones watching these videos. For adult viewers, spending five minutes watching Cookieness debate "circle... square... circle.... square... circle... what comes next?!" isn't as thrilling as it sounds.

Still, it's worth the watch, if only to see pita bread Pita and hear a voice-over inform an exhausted Cookiness that "you know they're making a third one, right?" As parodies go, though, Catching Fur pales in comparison to Homelamb , the hilariously spot-on parody of Homeland that featured "Baaah-rody" and a scarily accurate lamb version of Mandy Patinkin that Sesame Street released in October. Now that was a parody done right.

Check out The Hungry Games: Catching Fur below:

Image: Lionsgate