7 Celebrity Wardrobes For All The Lust Worthy Sartorial Inspiration You Need

One of my favorite hobbies is creeping on wardrobes, but not just any wardrobes. Fashion insider and celebrity wardrobes, whose closets are over-flowing with designer clothes, handbags, shoes, and other seriously covetable items in a beautifully designed space... now that's where it's at.

Excuse me while I wipe my drool just thinking about it.

Not everyone can afford an epic closet with custom designs specifically made for every clothing and accessory item you own (myself included), and not everyone wants that in their life (although I do). But when it comes to celebrities, fashion editors, and socialites, wardrobe space is prime real estate for organizing and storing special items. And while these folks are definitely privileged to be able to have a closet that looks nicer than most department stores, they're not too shy about showing them off. Which is great, because it gives me and everyone else dying to get a glimpse at a beautiful closet the opportunity to really see what it's like. Obviously, lots of swooning takes place, because as you'll see in a moment, these closets are absolutely amazing.

So, whether you're in need of some wardrobe motivation, or just some encouragement to organize your own, here are seven amazing wardrobes from some of your favorite fashionistas. Grab a drool rag while you're at it. Because, trust me, you'll need it.

1. Caroline Stanbury

As far as utility goes, a good closet needs racks, hangers, maybe some shelves, or drawers. But when it comes to luxury, nothing is out of the question. Especially when your closet is its own room, and you can accessorize it with plush, velvet poofs and mirrored shoe walls. Which is exactly how Caroline Stanbury likes it.

The Ladies of London Bravo star's wardrobe frequently makes an appearance on her Instagram page, because she often posts OOTD photos from inside the lavish space. And you can't even blame her, because if I had that room for a closet, I doubt I would ever leave.

2. Kylie Jenner

Anyone who has watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians has seen at least a few of the Kardashians' closets. Let's just say, they don't disappoint. And while we can all somewhat imagine what Kim Kardashian's closet would look like — teeming with designer duds in every direction — it's Kylie Jenner's closet that's surprising.

What I thought would be a girly haven is actually covered in black subway tile with silver and lucite details. Of course, things may have changed in the last month, since she has reportedly moved out, but considering her older sister is taking selfies in her closet, Kylie's been given the elder's sign of approval. Not that it means anything, but I approve as well.

3. Khloe Kardashian

If anyone knows shoes in the Kardashian family, it's Khloe. Khloe Kardashian's closet is quite well-displayed in most episodes of KUWTK, since I'm pretty sure Khloe spends a lot of time in there. And if I were her, I probably would, too.

While those Brian Atwood heels are pretty, I'm more focused on the bookshelves of shoes in the background. Those neon stilettos are beautiful, and those gold studded Louboutins in the far left corner caught my eye as well. I bet that's only a fraction of the shoes she has in there, too. Sigh, a girl can dream.

4. Chrissy Teigen

When you're a former supermodel, married to John Legend, and absolutely adorable, I bet it's pretty easy to find yourself with lots of stuff. And what better way to store that stuff than with a beautiful closet?

Website and blog The Coveteur specializes in photographing celebrity fashion and beauty industry leaders' personal spaces, and not long ago, they features Teigen, giving followers a glimpse into her shoe closet. As you have probably already gathered, shoes are my weakness, and this photo doesn't help my drooling problem.

5. Sophia Webster

And when you're a shoe designer, a big shoe closet is only expected. Sophia Webster's designs are fun, flirty, and colorful, all things that are very well displayed when it comes to her closet. While I admit I have some trouble walking in heels due to extreme discomfort and pain, I would do anything to try on a pair of shoes in Webster's clean, organized, and heavenly 'drobe. Imagine what the clothes section of her closet looks like? I'm guessing it is just as impressive.

6. Whitney Eve Port

Shoes are just photogenic, OK? That's why everyone wants a nice space to put them in — to make them feel appreciated and loved. Which is probably part of the reason why Whitney Eve Port just got her closet redesigned with the help of designer Lisa Adams of LAClosetDesign. As you can see, her shoes are meticulously placed and organized by color and design, and it's making my heart flutter.

7. Chriselle Lim

When it comes to bloggers, I can see how an organized closet is crucial to their work. Shooting outfits, maintaining closet inventory, and accessorizing are all difficult tasks, especially if your closet is unorganized and messy all the time.

But obviously, that's not a problem for Chriselle Lim of the Chriselle Factor. Having also designed her closet with the help of LAClosetDesign, Lim's wardrobe features a beautiful glass and mirrored island, as well as huge mirrors to cover the walls. Plus, what better place to put a cute chandelier than in your closet? Looks like a dream to me.

Images: carolinestanbury, kimkardashian, khloekardashian, thecoveteur, whitneyeveport, chrisellelim/Instagram