7 Times President Bartlet & Zoey Had The Cutest Father-Daughter Relationship On 'The West Wing'

When you look back on The West Wing, a few elements might stand out in your mind: those amazing, Aaron Sorkin-penned walk and talks; the idolizing you did (and still do) for Queen of the Universe C.J. Cregg; and, of course, the sweet, hilarious, and always relatable relationships shared between the show's ensemble. Whether it was the "will they, won't they" vibe shared between Josh and Donna or the #relationshipgoals marriage of President Bartlet and his wife, The West Wing was filled with character bonds that were beloved by fans. One relationship in particular stands out, and it has nothing to do with romance at all: the bond between President Bartlet and Zoey, his youngest daughter.

Although Zoey (Elisabeth Moss, pre- Mad Men ) was never one of the series' main characters, she managed to make a major impact on the show over the seasons. From her dates with Charlie to her horrifying kidnapping, everything Zoey did had a huge influence on The West Wing, and nothing more so than her relationship with her father, President Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen). The two of them shared a unique, lovely bond, and it only strengthened upon the events of Season 5. The duo were one of the show's sweetest pairs, and in honor of Father's Day, let's look back at seven of their most adorable moments.

1. When He Explained The Worst-Case Scenario

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In this famous Season 1 scene, President Bartlet outlined for Zoey why she needed so much security protection, explaining the worst-case scenario of her being kidnapped and him forced to start an international conflict. It's a tough scene to watch, especially knowing everything it foreshadows, but the sweet moment at the end shows just how close the duo truly were.

2. When The President Made Things Tough For Charlie

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Nothing shows a father's love more than making things as awkward as possible for her boyfriend.

3. When They Reunited After Her Kidnapping

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Another tough moment, but a poignant one; seeing the President and Mrs. Bartlet reunite with their daughter after her kidnapping was incredibly moving, and demonstrated once again how much love the family shared.

4. When He Got Penn And Teller To Perform At Her Birthday

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Sure, it resulted in a huge national incident about flag-burning, but hey, it's the thought that counts.

5. When He Tested Out Her Secret Service

What kind of father would he be if he didn't make sure her Secret Service agents were up to snuff? A bit overboard, yes, but adorable.

6. When He Couldn't Deal With Her Dating

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Sure, it was a serious talk, but leave it to the President to throw some humor into the situation. "One guy for you is actually one more than I'm comfortable with."

7. When He Watched Her Graduate

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Aren't they the absolute cutest? Now, go celebrate Father's Day and marathon a few episodes with your dad, because President Barlet and Zoey provided #fatherdaughtergoals for everyone.

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