Where Will Peggy Be In 10 Years?

As the Mad Men finale approaches, so, too, does my gut-wrenching sense of agony as I contemplate a post-Mad Men world. Where will I get my chic 1960s and 1970s fashion inspiration from now? Where else will I get to revel in people getting wasted at work? The thing I will miss the most, though, is undoubtedly Peggy Olson and her badassery. One of my coping strategies when a TV show ends is to imagine what goes on after those final credits roll. For example, where will Peggy Olson be in 10 years? I have a few ideas concerning Peggy's post-Mad Men future.

Obviously, Peggy Olson has great things in store for her. But exactly what kind of great things are we talking about here? First woman President? The Anna Wintour of advertising? Lead singer of a metal hair band? One thing is for certain — Peggy Olson will be rocking some killer fashion in the 1980s. Oh, if only we could live to see the day where Mad Men takes us into the ‘80s. Joan Holloway in a scrunchie would actually mean all my dreams have finally come true... but I digress.

Though her future might be up in the air, I know one thing for sure — Peggy will go on to be a badass for many years to come. And even if we won’t be there to see it, it will soothe your Mad Men withdrawals to imagine Peggy’s bright future. So without further ado, here are my 6 favorite hypothetical futures for the wonderful Peggy Olson.

Peggy Spearheads a Feminist Activist Moment

We love Peggy for her independence and empowering attitude about gender equality. It seems only fitting that Peggy would end up as an important figure in a second wave feminist movement.

Peggy Gets Her Dream Job as Creative Director

With all the hubub this season about the absorption of the firm into McCann-Erickson, Peggy's future might not be clear as to where she will end up but what is obvious is that, wherever she goes, she'll do great things. Perhaps the future will finally allow Peggy to have her dream job and go on to have her "big idea" which earns her the fame she desires.

Pegz Starts Her Own Ad Agency

It's no secret that Peggy is a baller and what's a more baller move than packing up her desk and starting her own ad agency? She could bring Joan with her and start the first all-female ad agency and show the boys what's up.

Momma Peggy

Peggy has always had a tumultuous relationship with the idea of being a mother. From the painful memories of the child she gave up for adoption to her uneasy relationship with children in Season 7B, it's clear that, while Peggy may not know exactly what she wants, she definitely has lingering anxiety and regret about not being a mother. Perhaps the next ten years will give Peggy a child. We all know she'd be an awesome role model to grow up with.

Peggy Retires In Style

After making waves in her industry, Peggy is able to retire early after a somewhat short but largely successful career. She posts up in a grand house in the Hamptons and lives happily ever after (and takes advantage of her lifetime supply of Topaz pantyhose).

Peggy and Don Get Together

This has always been my secret dream. I love Peggy and Don's relationship and, even though things have been frosty between them lately, you can see that Peggy still cares about him and looks up to him. Plus Don and Peggy are more similar than even they realize and I think they'd do great together (and oh boy would their fights be epic).

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