Taylor Swift Grants Her Third Fan Wish Of The Year, Proves Her Kindness Knows No Bounds — PHOTO

When you strip away Taylor Swift's incredible talent, record-breaking album sales and truly unbelievable success, what you have is a 25-year-old woman who boasts the kind of generosity and depth of kindness that deserves just as many gold-tinged awards as her music. No matter how you slice it, T. Swift is always, always going above and beyond for her fans, from surprising Swifties with secret 1989 listening parties to offering them meaningful advice via social media to sending fans Christmas gifts to literally showing up at their bridal showers. And then, of course, there are those moments where Taylor Swift grants wishes for those fans who are fighting serious illnesses.

The "Blank Space" singer, whose own relationship with cancer was made much more personal this year due to her mom's diagnosis, just granted her third fan wish of 2015 (at least, of those that were made public). After her Philadelphia tour stop on Saturday (June 13), Swift met 13-year-old Victoria Marsh, a sweet young teen with Down Syndrome, bone cancer, and a smile like a ray of sunshine.

According to the Huffington Post, the kindhearted police department of Dover, Delaware banded together back in March to help Marsh's dream of meeting Swift come true, sharing a poignant video that demonstrates the teen's love for the singer. Using the hashtag #SwiftAWish to propel the campaign to viral status, the video eventually made its way to T. Swift's manager, who contacted Marsh's mom to set the whole thing up.

"Victoria had a huge smile on her face," the teen's mother told the News Journal about the meet and greet. "It meant the world to her."

During the Marsh family's time with Swift, the superstar hugged her young fan, took photos and signed Marsh's prosthetic leg in a gesture that shows her true disposition more than anything.

Earlier this year, the "Shake It Off" singer granted the dying wish of a 4-year-old fan battling cancer, FaceTiming the young girl in March. Just one month later, she called another fan, 12-year-old Emily Beazley, who was suffering from non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Devastatingly, both fans have since passed away, which is the exact reason why Taylor Swift's generosity is of the utmost importance: For just one moment in their lives, both girls were able to experience a time free from cancer and instead engage in conversation with their idol, a memory which undoubtedly put smiles on their faces and made them forget, even for a brief second, about their pain.