Janet Jackson Has A New Song That Is Not Only Beautiful, But The Start Of A Whole New Janet

At this very moment, I am barely clinging to life. My sketchy prognosis is due to a sudden flare-up of a uniquely specific heart condition otherwise known as Janet Jackson teased new music-itis. As a result, I am lying flat on the floor, where I've been since discovering the 43-second song clip Jackson posted on Twitter Wednesday morning. The current dilemma is to figure out how to survive long enough to witness her comeback, which includes a new Janet album titled Unbreakable and a world tour. Before I update my final will and testament, though, can we get into how amazing Jackson's new music sounds? It's not even a full song and it doesn't have a title but it shows promise that a Janet takeover is certainly on the horizon.

So here's what you need to know about the song: From the sound of it, it's a beautiful ballad in which Jackson expresses some major gratitude to a certain supportive someone in her life (me? the rest of her fans, maybe?). In the untitled track, she sings, "I lived through my mistakes/It's just a part of growing/And never for single moment did I ever go without your love/You made me feel wanted/I wanna tell you how important you are to me."

Um, clearly that's not about me, but I'm willing to bet that based off the sound of this new tune, Jackson's album Unbreakable will feature a theme of redemption as it relates to her love life and her career. The album title itself speaks to her stealthiness and her timeless music along with her ability to bounce back and still slay stages all over the globe.Just in case you thought this teaser was just a result of Jackson toying around in the studio, I can assure you that it's the real deal. Entertainment Tonight confirmed the song's inclusion on Jackson's new album, which it describes as focusing on "the human spirit, love, marriage, Janet's precious family, and her fans." Isn't that precisely how I described Unbreakable? My accuracy shouldn't come as a surprise, given how well-acquainted I am with Janet's music. Do yourself a favor and get familiar with her new song. Seriously. Get to it.

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