This Is The Saddest eBay Dress Listing Ever

One eBay seller is doing something that, unfortunately, doesn't seem to be that uncommon: selling her unworn wedding dress on eBay after a called off wedding. But this ex-bride is selling in a way we haven't seen before: by giving the dress a story. Grab your tissues, because this "rejected" wedding dress' eBay listing will have you shedding feelings from your eyeballs.

After her wedding was called off, the former-bride-turned-seller posted a listing on eBay for her white lace Diane von Furstenburg cocktail dress. In the description, she told the whole, downright depressing tale of what happened from the dress's perspective.

Here's the full listing:

I was supposed to be worn at City Hall in New York.

I was going to be the main attraction of a 60s wedding theme.

I was going to be low-key, but elegant (I still am, for that matter).

I was going to complement a 60s updo, nude courts and a bouquet of Lily of the Valley.

When my owner put on a dress just like me in Selfridges, she knew I was the one so she ordered me online and had me delivered to her husband-to-be in Brooklyn.

I’m not over the top, nor am I too dressed down, and she thought she could perhaps wear me to other occasions in the future.

She thought I was a dress she could look back on and smile, not cringe at fashion faux pas (she was right).

When I arrived, she kept me sealed in my box so nothing could ruin me.

Then they split up.

And she kept me in the box.

Because she couldn’t bear to look at me.

I am a constant reminder to her of what could have been.

So she wants to sell me.

Not necessarily to a bride, but to anyone looking to give me the home I deserve.

A home where I’ll get worn and admired and dry-cleaned (as and when necessary).

She can’t take me back to DVF because they no longer stock me.

I’m limited edition, if you like.

And the first time I have been taken out of my box is for these photos.

Because who’s going to buy a dress based on a picture of a box?

I can’t wait to be worn by you (and to see the back of my cardboard confines once and for all).


Zarita (in Ivory).


If you still believe in love, and the dress, you can bid on it on eBay (one more day left!) Apparently, this sappy story was a savvy selling point: 42 people have bid on the dress in hopes of giving it a happy ending.

Personally, I may take this story as a bad omen. Then again, this may be the steal a bride on a budget is looking for — superstitions be damned! After all, it's a sweet, lovely, high-end DVF dress. It has some re-ware capability, and it's a nice blend of modern and traditional.

Someone is going to look great in this dress. I just hope it has a happier ending!

Image Credit: eBay