'Inside Out' Cast Perfectly Embody The Emotions They Voice & These Clips Will Prove It — VIDEOS

Inside Out is Pixar's latest movie, and it is getting raves for its gorgeous animation, creative premise, and scientific accuracy. But it's also just perfectly cast. Director Pete Docter enlisted a cast of comedy all-stars to embody "the little voices inside our heads,” including Amy Poehler and Bill Hader. Inside Out centers around Riley, a young girl who moves from the Midwest to San Francisco, as her emotions conflict on how to best acclimate to her new city and school. They advise Riley from the Headquarters — a control center inside her mind.

The movie has gotten incredible reviews. Peter Travers even called it a “flat out masterpiece,” adding, “Oh, did I say it was funny? It is, uproariously so, when you're not brushing away a tear.” Newsday says, “Only Pixar could turn a metaphor into a heart-tugging story about preteen growing pains. Absolutely brilliant.” The AV Club even compares it to Boyhood, "in the insistence that it’s life’s seemingly insignificant moments that shape who we become."

Not only are the performances in the film pitch perfect, but, if you look at the cast behind those colorful emotions, the actors’ careers up until this point definitely prove that they embody the emotions that they play.

Amy Poehler is Joy

Charmaine de Souza on YouTube

Joy is perfectly embodied by Leslie Knope herself.

Phyllis Smith is Sadness

Gui Borges on YouTube

Phyllis' character on The Office was hilarious in her zero-energy, deadpan delivery and sad observations on office life. When Michael tasks her renting an "anti-gravity" machine for a party, she is excited to learn about anti-depressants.

Lewis Black is Anger

Black is best known for his hilarious, impassioned rants on The Daily Show, and his "angry old man" standup persona. Just hear what he has to say about Valentine's Day: "IT SHOULD NOT BE IN F***ING FEBRUARY!"

Bill Hader is Fear

Saturday Night Live on YouTube

Watching Hader's "Puppet Class" character will have you embodying fear as well.

Mindy Kaling is Disgust

Amezilla on YouTube

Kelly Kapoor on The Office is perpetually disgusted. And Mindy Lahiri's catchphrase is "How dare you?" The two characters combined have enough disgust between them for Kaling to embody the emotion perfectly. Sometimes, Hollywood gets it wrong, but sometimes they get it really, really wrong. Inside Out is a triumphant example of the latter.