Rob Ford Pushes Over Female Councilor: Video

You thought this whole Rob Ford debacle couldn't get worse? During a heated exchange at Toronto City Hall Monday, Ford apparently pushed over a female councilor on the City Hall floor. As Bustle reported earlier, the Toronto City Council has decided to strip Ford of most of his mayoral powers Monday, making him little more than a sitting duck. They can't legally oust him — he technically hasn't been convicted of a crime — and since Ford's refusing to step down, they've resorted to slashing his budget and all but eliminating his powers. The move is more than understandable. As Bustle reported today:

In case you’ve forgotten why the council is trying to make Rob Ford a MINA (mayor in name only), let’s have a refresher. We know it’s hard to keep up with all Ford’s scandals. First, a video of the mayor doing crack surfaced, which he lied about, then admitted to and refused to step down. Then there was that video of Ford threatening to kill someone, after which he also refused to resign. Then, Ford briefly considered rehab, then changed his mind and used the term ”eating pussy” during a live press conference — and then it emerged he’d assaulted his wife. Surprise, surprise: Rob then declared that he was definitely, certainly, not leaving office.

Anyway, so the council formerly took up the motion in City Hall Monday Then, Ford did this.

That's City Council member Pam McConnell that Rob Ford appears to be lunging at, almost pushing her to the ground as he runs across the City Hall floor. Ford then helped McConnell to her feet and walked back. reports that Ford pushed her over in an attempt to get her out of the way:

It appeared as if Ford was trying to reach his brother who was embroiled in a confrontation with someone outside the council floor. Coun. Mark Grimes went into that altercation and physically pulled Doug out.

We'd give Ford the benefit of the doubt on this one, except that he's very much done this before: he assaulted his wife in 2008, has allegedly harassed female staffers, and threatened to commit "first-degree murder" on tape.

Things turned ugly quick at Monday's hearing: Ford publicly referred to the meeting as a "coup," and started shouting at members of the public. After he charged the gallery after nearly knocking over McConnell, a recess was called. Now, CP4 reports:

So ... well played there as usual, Rob.