9 Reasons Why 'Bob's Burgers' Bob Belcher Is The Best TV Dad Ever (And Not Just Because He Reminds Me Of My Own)

Although there are many a great dads on television, most aren't dads you’d really want to have actually raised you (ahem, Homer Simpson). But there’s one dad on TV today that has earned his "Number 1 Dad" coffee mug this Father’s Day — and that’s Bob of Bob’s Burgers. Bob Belcher is easily the best dad on TV today with perhaps the best TV family.

Bob's endearingly eccentric family of wife Linda and kids Tina, Gene, and Louise live in a modest apartment above the burger joint that the family owns and operates together. The hilarious animated sitcom revolves around the antics of the family and though Bob is often seen as the straight man of his clan, he's got his own funny edge. (It doesn't hurt that H. Jon Benjamin provides his dry wit as the voice of Bob.) Yet, the show also has a lot of heart with Bob always loving and supporting his nutty kids. And it's no mistake that one of the reasons I love Bob so much is because he sometimes reminds me of my own dad.

My father, as a business owner, mustachioed man, and all-around great guy, has similar core elements to Bob Belcher. While the comparisons to the patriarch of the bizarre Belcher clan aren't overwhelming, my father accepts my quirky antics (sometimes participating — just like Bob) and takes the preparation of the Thanksgiving turkey with a certain level of seriousness (and beers — just like Bob). And it just can't be a coincidence that my family consists of two girls and a boy in the same birth order as the Belchers — with me being the youngest like Louise.

In real-life, I clearly think my dad wins the best dad award everyday, but here are nine ways that Bob wins that trophy on television for Father's Day 2015.

He Provides For His Family

Bob is no great entrepreneur with his burger shop, but he’s following his dream and providing financial support for his family. (Even if Teddy is their only regular customer.) The family is often strapped for cash, but Bob has been willing to take on extra work to make ends meets. When it was Tina’s thirteenth birthday, he took on the job of moonlighting as a cabbie to help pay for her party. Although he wasn’t super successful as a taxi driver, he did make some friends who became his regular customers, and Tina got a great birthday party (and her first kiss). As a girl whose father always worked multiple jobs, I know how much it means for a dad to take on extra work to support his family.

He’s A Damn Good Cook

Not anyone can own their own mildly successful burger joint. Bob does make great damn burgers according to the show and cooking is in Bob’s blood. Bob’s father owns a restaurant, so the Belcher family has always eaten well. Unfortunately, Bob doesn’t have a healthy relationship with his own dad, but that doesn’t stop him from being a great father — and cook — for his children.

He Loves & Respects His Wife

Something that makes for a happy family home is when parents actually like — and love — each other. Bob and Linda are not only devoted to their children, they are devoted to each other. Linda doesn’t hide being affectionate with her Bobby in front of her kids, and because of their loving parents, Tina, Gene, and Louise have healthy role models when it comes to romance.

He Trusts His Kids With Responsibility

Gene and Louise are almost always trying to get out of their responsibilities as employees of Bob’s Burgers, but Bob is instilling a solid work ethic in his children by having them help out at the family restaurant. Not only are they learning the ways of a business, but Bob frequently gives them tasks that he (somewhat foolishly) expects them to complete. Doesn’t get more Dad than giving your children responsibilities that they begrudgingly don’t want and then being not impressed with how they do them.

He Supports His Children As Individuals

Perhaps he doesn’t have much choice in this matter, but Bob has never tried to make his children act "normal." He celebrates his children’s individuality — even when it’s really, really weird, like Gene deciding to impersonate his father for an extended period of time. How Linda and I loved Muppet Baby Bobby!

He Doesn't Mind Changing Roles

When Linda took Louise to a much-needed mother-daughter bonding event, Bob was put on the spot to help his eldest daughter with her leg hair, which led to Tina, Bob, and Gene all getting their leg hair waxed. While my dad never went that far with the father-daughter bonding, he used to allow me to dress him up and try new nail polishes on his toes when I was a kid. Bob's Burgers — feel free to take that idea for a future episode.

He Has A Sense Of Humor

While Bob is not as ridiculous as the rest of his family, he is not above making rash decisions and getting a little too gung ho when challenged to a competition — all leading to laugh-out loud moments. But the thing I am always continually impressed with is Bob’s cleverness in coming up with the Burger of the Day. Each day at Bob’s Burgers, there is a new special burger that has a great pun and sounds (mostly) delicious. Bob isn’t solely responsible for coming up with the Burger of the Day, but it was his idea, and as head chef, they are usually his creation. His children should thank him everyday for the good eats — and the even better puns.

He Doesn’t Play Favorites

Although Louise and Bob have the most in common, Bob does give equal attention to all of his wacky children. Whether it’s teaching Tina how to drive, flying remote-controlled helicopters with Gene, or entering the forbidden part of a museum with Louise on a school trip, Bob makes time for special bonding with all of his children. (Even if his youngest daughter Louise will always be his number one buddy. Just like my dad and me... jusssst kidding, older siblings!)

He Goes Above & Beyond For His Children’s Happiness

In "The Equestranauts," my favorite Bob’s Burgers plotline ever (which is saying something), Bob showed how devoted he was to bringing his children joy. After Tina got her beloved Equestranauts doll taken from her at Equestra Con, Bob went undercover as an Equestrenauts fan (cosplay and all) to win it back for her. (Because middle-aged men are the Equestranauts most devoted fan base, duh.) While undercover, he almost ended up with a very large Equestranaut-themed tattoo on his back, but luckily, his family saved him in time.

Now, if that’s not fatherly devotion, I don’t know what it is. So, hey Dad — when are you going to take me to Comic-Con?

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