Mindy Kaling & Seth Meyers Talk Weddings On 'Late Night', Giving Us Even More Reason To Want Them At Our Weddings — VIDEO

Thursday night, on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Mindy Kaling talked to Seth Meyers about her upcoming pixar movie, Inside Out, The Mindy Project's move to Hulu, and her upcoming book. Why Not Me? comes out this fall, and is another collection of comedic essays, including a piece in which Kaling talks about bridesmaids, and why they have it way worse than groomsmen.

"When you're a bridesmaid at a wedding, though it sounds kind of glamorous when you're younger, you're essentially like a slave, an unpaid slave to the wedding," she jokes. "And you know you're a maid because the bride puts you in a uniform, and some bridesmaids' dresses just as brutal as official maids' outfits." She goes on to talk about how easy the groomsmen have it: "All you guys have to do is say the place that you went to college, and all the girls want to sleep with you!" Yes, wedding parties are another example of how much easier men have it.

Kaling and Meyers also touch upon the pressures of giving a bridesmaid or groomsman speech when you're a professional comedian. People have the highest expectations when you write and perform for a living, and then they end up disappointed, and more impressed with the cousin, or feeling like the dad's emotional toast was better instead.

I still want Kaling and Meyers at my wedding, however, and I promise them that I won't be disappointed. Here's why.

1. Her Dress is Sure to Slay

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Kaling is certainly one of the best dressed people in Hollywood, and her character has one of the most raid-able closets on television. She'd be sure to up the glamour game of the wedding by at least 70 percent (that's a scientific fact).

2. He Will Burn People if They Misbehave

My Aunt Florence has a tendency to get super drunk at weddings, and is even known to flirt with the groom, so I would want Meyers to put her in her place.

3. He Would Bring His Husband, Stefon

Meyers and Stefon got married in Bill Hader's last episode, and, with Stefon there, the wedding would officially have everything.

4. Even Their Worst Toast is the Best Toast

They joked on Late Night that, sometimes, they get upstaged by the bride or groom's father or cousins, but, even if the toasts aren't their personal bests, they are still comic geniuses.

Check out the full interview below.

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