10 Things People With Colored Eyebrows Are Tired of Hearing (We Know What Color They Are, You Don't Have To Remind Us!)

When I first dyed my hair a silly color (pink) it was for my prom — I had pink shoes, a pink dress, a pink bag and finally I was allowed to dye my hair a color that wasn't "natural," so I went pink (it's important to note, however, that I didn't dye my eyebrows). Not only is pink my favorite color (after glitter, if glitter can count), but I felt so cool, so confident, so myself that I never wanted to look back. And although it washed out pretty quickly, I didn't look back for about three years.

I've had every kind of color you can think up. I even went green for a while even though I hate green, just to check the color off of my list. It ended up in a ridiculous rainbow, with every hue possible on my head, and now I'm back to my roots — kinda — with the white blonde I first bleached my hair to when I was 16. I can't see myself going back to a crazy color, but I can't ever see myself going back natural either.

It wasn't until I dyed my hair a bright blue a few months into my first year of university that I thought to make my brows match my hair. It was just around the time that eyebrows were becoming a thing and as I'd been drawing mine on for years, I wanted to take the next step. I've always loved the artistry of makeup: It isn't just photoshop for real life, but a genuine form of self expression. Of course, a drawn on, thicker brow is one thing — a drawn on, thicker, blue brow is another.

Arguably, in the 21st century culture of waxing and plucking and tweezing (even before all the powders and pencils we apply to ourselves for the perfect eyebrows), very few among us are sporting the brows our mothers gave us! Why not take it one step further and match them exactly to your crazy hair color? Or even make them pop by going a completely different color to your locks, your pubes, and what's available from eyebrow kits in drugstore makeup brands.

I got a lot of comments on my brows for the two/three years I kept changing my brow color along with my hair. Often, people thought it was cool. More often, people thought it was stupid. Either way, I loved the cartoonish nature of my look and if I was going to go back to my rainbow roots, I'd definitely take up the practice of matching brows again. In the meantime, I laugh about all the stupid comments I got whilst my eyebrows matched my hair.

1. "How do you do it?"

You know how you draw your eyebrows on with a brown eyebrow pencil? I just use a pink one! Albeit an eyeliner more often than an eyebrow pencil. Others even go to the effort of bleaching and dyeing — I guess I'm just lazy/non-committal.

2. "Omg! It matches your hair!"

I know! That's the point!

3. Or sometimes, "It doesn't match your hair though?"

OK, too often I couldn't find the exact shade of purple — so sue me! Plus, one of my fave looks ever is when "naturally" hair colored people have crazy brows! There's so much more to explore with our eyebrows.

4. "It looks weird, I don't like it."

Good thing it's not on you then isn't it?

5. "It just doesn't look natural!"

And my pink hair would look like my natural color if I had brown brows? OKKKKK.

6. "You look like a cartoon."

Is that meant to be an insult?

7. "Why don't you just have 'normal' eyebrows?"

Why don't you shut your mouth? What qualifies as normal anyway? Your waxed, tweezed, painted on brown eyebrows aren't what come naturally to your face, either.

8. "So what color is your natural hair?"

Luckily due to my extraordinary laziness (claimed as a stylistic choice), I often have pretty long roots that I can point to when asked this question. Or I can just show off my fluffy pits — unless I decide to dye my armpit hair, too.

9. "So what color are your pubes?"

This one was the favorite of gross men in clubs and even grosser men in the street. But if a cute gal is asking, I'm proud of my bouncy brown bush! Maybe one day I'll venture into pube dying, this NSFW tumblr gives me so much inspo!

10. "I wish I could pull that off!"

I used to get this comment so much! When it comes to "unnatural" hair colors, they suit anybody, because nobody naturally has blue hair. There's no basis on which it's meant to look! It's all about the confidence, so fill in your brows with your favorite color and wiggle them at anybody who catches your eye.

Images: Georgina Jones; Giphy