7 Life Lessons Harry Styles Has Taught Us Using That Treasure Trove Of Wisdom He Calls A Brain

Lately, I have been missing out my regular Harry Styles news updates. For instance, I totally missed the gem of a rumor about fresh-faced Styles supposedly getting sheep placenta facials to maintain his moneymaker. I can't say I would be that surprised if had ended up being true — for the record, the singer has already denied the claims — because we all know that he is notoriously a very cheeky guy who loves to keep things a little mysterious for this fans. Because he's such a fun loving celebrity, I can't help but think about all of the things that fans love about Harry Styles and all of the life lessons his care-free persona has brought us.

Throughout his years in One Direction, the 21-year-old has gained the reputation of being highly flirtatious and perhaps a little flighty, but always sweet and adorable. What I love is that Styles is always himself and obviously thrives in all the unique traits that make him him.

From fashion tips to dating, here are some of the life lessons that we have learned in the years since this adorable English singer and Jack of all trades stepped into our lives.

1. Bananas Are The Most Important Source Of Potassium

It's the perfect on-the-go snack for lots of energy and deliciousness.

2. A Headband Will Make Any Outfit Stand Out

Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger proved that the ladies love a man in a good headscarf, so he's on to something very important here.

3. There Is Nothing Wrong With Random Tattoos

Do you want a random array of non-connected tattoos simply because you just like them? Go ahead and get them. It's YOUR body, anyway.

4. Always Speak Well of Your Exes (In Public, At Least)

We may never know how messy the T. Swift and Styles breakup really was, but he always tries to speak well her, being the good guy that he is. When some fans asked him if he had heard Swift's newest 1989, he commented, "Yeah, it's good, isn't it?" He later also said in a Google hangout about rumors that many songs were about him, "It would be hypocritical of us to be like 'you can't write songs'. And she's really good, they're great songs, so I'm lucky in that sense."

5. You Can Be Anything You Want

Harry Styles tweeted back in June 2011: "I wish I was a punk rockers with flowers in my hair." And you know what? He wore flowers in his hair and is probably still working on the punk rocker bit, but we still love him.

6. Your Can Be Artsy Fartsy With Your Instagram With No Shame

Styles' Instagram is notorious for its black and white images, which seem to show or tell very little about what is happening. We already know that he likes to be a tease, so it's definitely OK if you don't want to upload 12 pictures of your cat with 20 #hashtags. I mean, it's fine if you do, but let that artistic side free.

7. It Is Important To Look Ahead & Be Positive

Styles always tries to see the positive side of things and nothing has shown this more then the aftermath of Zayn Malik quitting the band. On an appearance on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, Styles shared of the future of One Direction, "We’re all very excited. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to do any album, so being on the fifth one is really amazing for us... We’re just about to start touring again, which we love, so it’s going great right now. Morale is good."

Thanks again for all the gems, Harry!

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