Sasha Obama Wore An American Apparel Seersucker Sundress & Looked Picture Perfect

Normally, we're commenting on either Michelle's or Malia's fashion moves, but that doesn't mean that the youngest Obama girl doesn't have her own style. While in Milan, Sasha Obama wore an American Apparel seersucker sundress that I think all of our wardrobes would benefit from owning. The 14-year-old stepped out in a light-washed, short summer dress, and it reminded me of how they're just regular girls like we once were. Well, aside from living in the White House, that is.

The three Obama ladies deplaned Air Force One and were greeted by Italy's Prime Minister. They all wore dresses that were perfect for their Italian meet and greet. And if I have to be honest, Sasha's dress was my favorite because of the adorable buttons that went all the way up the back. To go with the light sumer dress, she wore a pair of tan ankle-strapped sandals. And even though I said it was the perfect wear for an important Italian meet and greet, it also think it'd make a pretty perfect picnic outfit.

My only question is whether or not it took all three of them to button her in, because that's a lot of buttons. I guess, if I'm really that curious, I can pick up the dress and try it for myself. The American Apparel piece is available for $84 on their site. And since it's such a simple dress, don't be afraid to style it up, however you like.

Between Sasha and Malia, I've found some really cute pieces I might not have noticed before. Thanks, girls.

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(Sundress in Seersucker, $84,

Images: Getty Images; American Apparel