Malia Obama Wore A Daisy-Printed Dress To Meet Prince Harry And Here's Where You Can Buy It

For not even being 18-years-old, the president's eldest daughter is a style tour-de-force. Keeping up her fashion game, Just Jared revealed that Malia Obama wore a gorgeous dress from Alice + Olivia that featured a sweet, boho daisy print to meet Prince Harry this week. The best part? The dress is now on sale! Scoreeeee.

Malia, Sasha, and Michelle Obama all flew into Stanstead Airport in London yesterday, and if Malia's cruising altitude style is an indication of what other outfits she ends up wearing this week, I cannot wait. Girl clearly loves her daisy sundresses, so maybe there's more in store? Given her fashion track record this past year, whatever she ends up wearing is bound to be classy, elegant, and a little bit playful.

The three Obama ladies are in England to talk to Prince Harry about the Let Girls Learn program. The program works to provide the opportunity for more girls across the globe to attend school on a regular basis. Since their visit is for such an admirable cause, my fingers are crossed tight for the meetings to go well. Oh, and if you're considering nabbing Ms. Obama's dress for yourself (which, come on, you know want it), we know exactly where you can buy it. The best part? It's on sale! Get shopping, ladies.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

(Epstein Poof Dress, $264, Alice + Olivia)

Image Credits: Getty Images; Alice + Olivia