Who Killed Mrs. DiLaurentis On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Charles Isn't The Only Suspect

The summer of answers is finally here, but as with everything on Pretty Little Liars, we're going to have to wait for all of the mysteries to be solved. We may have a name for Big A, but we're not yet sure the extent of Charles DiLaurentis' crimes, save for locking the girls up in a dollhouse for weeks and demanding every blonde wear a yellow top that is really just so last season. There is one crime that the elusive A seems like the biggest suspect for, and that's the murder of Mrs. DiLaurentis, the woman who, in all likelihood, could be his own mother. It would make perfect sense: moments before her death, Mrs. DiLaurentis had sent an e-mail to someone stating that she could no longer protect them, and all evidence points to A. But as we should all know by now, nothing is ever as it seems in Rosewood, and there are many characters on Pretty Little Liars who could've killed Jessica DiLaurentis.

Sure, if I were a member of the Rosewood Police Department, this mysterious A person would definitely be on my radar (as would Charles, that is, if the police knew he existed). But is Charles the only person with a motive? I'm not so sure that we should write off everyone else so easily. Here are some other people we might want to consider as potential suspects.

Melissa Hastings

I can't figure Melissa out. Is she really a protective sister, or is she harboring dark secrets that have yet to be revealed? One thing we know for sure is that Melissa accidentally buried Bethany Young alive after assuming that Spencer had killed Ali. Perhaps Mrs. DiLaurentis knew what Melissa did (she was there that night actually burying Ali) and wanted to come clean about everything once she learned that Ali was really alive. Melissa could have gotten so angry at Mrs. DiLaurentis for trying to reveal her secret that she killed her to protect it.

Mrs. Hastings

Well, we know Veronica is tough. Maybe not tough enough to murder someone, but if that person shared a secret illegitimate son with your husband (and maybe even two sons?!?) and was generally kind of a passive aggressive ice queen, the thought might cross one's mind. Mrs. Hastings is the last person anyone would suspect of murder, but she is a lawyer who knows how to bury secrets... it's entirely possible she also buried Mrs. D.


I'm definitely on board with the theory that Sara Harvey is Red Coat, and I'm not so sure she's as sweet as she seems, even if she has been damaged by Charles' torture. Could she have been let out of the lair in order to murder Mrs. DiLaurentis at Charles' bidding?


This theory works best if there really is no Charles — or at least, there isn't anymore. Could Jason secretly have dissociative identities, as well as minions to do A tasks when he's not around? It's far-fetched, but hey, the alternative is Jason's twin. No matter who Pretty Little Liars reveals to be Mrs. D's killer, get ready for a jaw-dropping story. And for more theories, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast below.

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