13 Unique, Playful Purse Charms & Keychains To Accesorize With, From Pom Poms To Bronze Safety Pins

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Yes, yes purses are accessories, but can you imagine accessories for your accessories? Because that’s exactly what purse charms are.

Seen on bloggers, models, and your favorite celebrities, purse charms are little knick-knacks and doo-dads to hang on or tie around your other favorite accessories. Think a few fur balls tied to the handle of a pastel pink handbag, or a silk scarf hanging off the side of a belt; they’re cute little charms to display as a part of your ensemble. They make great accessory companions, are perfect talking points in coffee shops, and of course, make for a great #ootd photo on Instagram.

And if anything, purse charms remind us not to take fashion and styling too seriously. Every once in a while we should be reminded that fashion isn’t all about perfectly matching ensembles and having a pair of shoes everyone will compliment. It’s about wearing what you love, and being comfortable and confident in those choices. And frankly, when you have a smiling gold skull head hanging from the strap of your purse, it’s hard not to smile.

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