How Your Relationship With Your Dad Changes

When it comes to the relationship you have with your dad, some things will never change. But lots of little aspects of your dynamic will change A LOT, especially as you become more of a responsible adult. It's kinda weird, but also really wonderful. He would still take a bullet for you, and will never think anyone you bring home is truly good enough for you, but he'll also slowly step back and let you live your life how you choose to do so. That space and that freedom allow you to be your true self, and it also creates the opportunity for you and Dad to bond in the coolest way possible — like actual friends, but with blood ties.

So this Father's Day, take a moment to properly celebrate the man who raised you, and also the way your father-daughter bond has improved over time. Despite the dips and peaks and bumps in the road, your bond with your dad has endured, and adulthood is when it really gets good. You have freedom, and life experience, and some wisdom of your own to share. It's glorious! Here are all the ways your relationship with your dad changes as you get older.

1. He trusts your judgment

By now, you've made enough mistakes and learned enough tough lessons that Dad trusts your decision-making ability. Or maybe he doesn't, but he's at least gotten better at concealing his immediate eye-rolls.

2. He keeps his concerns to himself (for the most part)

He might offer a cautionary warning when you say that you're finally interested in getting your first tattoo, but that's probably where it stops. He doesn't keep you locked in the house, because you most likely have your own place to live now.

3. He expects you to be your strong self during tough times

You've fallen off the proverbial horse enough times to know how to get right back in the saddle. Life isn't always easy, but you know how to get through the crap, because he spent a lot of time teaching you how.

4. He lets you teach him new things

Dad is out of touch with some of the new tech gadgets and hip new pop culture references. That's where you come in! School him on the best new shows, what exactly "on fleek" means, and the pros and cons of being a Kardashian super fan.

5. He understands you don't need to be in a relationship to be happy

Every father's dream is that his daughter ends up with someone they love who will take good care of them for all eternity. But your dad also knows that you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself, and will settle down when and IF it feels right.

6. He lets you take care of him

He always took care of you, but now that you're a grownup (congrats, btw!), he lets you help him out when needed. That's what family is all about.

7. He shifts into more of a friend than just a father role

This is by far the best part. Now you can tell him all the times you got drunk before turning 21, and the things you did as a teenager that he thought were dumb and dramatic that you can now agree with him about! Embrace this time, because your relationship with your dad will only improve from here.

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