13 TV Dads You Wish Could Be Your Father, Because No Offense Pops, But There’s Only One Coach Taylor

Enjoying corny jokes, appreciating all they've done for us, buying them a tie... These are just some of the great ways to celebrate dads on Father's Day. But, the celebration of Father's Day shouldn't be limited to just our individual parents. What better way to appreciate fathers everywhere than to take a look at the many dads on television that have inspired us, made us laugh, and given us advice to use in daily life? Now, I wouldn't trade my dad for anyone and I'm sure most of you would agree about your dads as well. But, sometimes it's fun to imagine what your life would be like if you could be the son or daughter of your favorite TV dad. These are just some of the many amazing TV fathers of the last few decades that I'm sure many of us would love to have as our own, even if it's just for a day.

Think about it. How awesome would it be to have Eric Taylor, aka one of the greatest characters ever created, as your dad? Or, how epic would it be to spend a day as the child of Ron Swanson? Think of all the amazing things you could learn! Television dads do more for us than we realize, because not only do make us laugh and think, they also make us appreciate what we already have in our own dads. Now that's some Father's Day spirit!

1. Eric Taylor

Perhaps one of the greatest dads, husbands, and football coaches of all time, Eric Taylor was fiercely protective of his family. The way he reacted when Matt Saracen asked for Julie's hand in marriage certainly showed that. He was stubborn many times, and he pulled the dad card a lot, but he loved his family and would do anything for them. Remember when Tami and Julie stayed in Dillon when Eric went to to Austin to coach at TMU? It was tough for the family, and eventually Eric came back because he knew he was happier being with his family and coaching in Dillon. Eric also knew who the real boss of the household was: Tami. And, in the end, he let her career and passion come first.

2. Sandy Cohen

The eyebrows alone deserve a spot on this list. But, in all seriousness, Sandy took in Ryan and made him a part of their family. He also gave great advice, love, and support to Ryan and Seth. And, he was constantly a great role model for the boys. Plus, he loved Kirsten with all his heart. A stand-up guy and dad for sure.

3. Danny Tanner

A best dads list without Danny Tanner is no list at all. From the corny but sweet advice, to the corny but sweet dad jokes, and the times he didn't mind making a fool of himself, he was the quintessential 90s dad. And, man did he love his family.

4. Phil Dunphy

He's a cool dad; he's one of us.

5. Keith Mars

I don't know if there's ever been a dad on any show that has done as much as Keith Mars when it comes to protecting their kid. Even when there was a threat that Veronica wasn't his kid, he was willing to let her discover the truth, but would stay by her side no matter what. He raised that kid right, and considering how awesome Keith Mars is, he shouldn't have been surprised that Veronica wanted to follow in his footsteps.

6. Carl Winslow

Any dad who could put up with the sheer ridiculousness that is Steve Urkel deserves a place on this list.

7. Phillip Banks

Any dad who could put up with the sheer ridiculousness that is Will Smith deserves a place on this list. And Carlton, too.

8. Alan Matthews

There would be no Boy Meets World without the perfect parenting combo that is Alan and Amy Matthews. Seriously think about it. They raised three children who are each incredible in their own ways. And, Cory would never be the wonderful person we and Topanga know and love without Alan's guidance, love, discipline, and patience. Plus, he protected Shawn as much as his own children.

9. Burt Hummel

This man never ceased to make me tear up. Burt Hummel went from being a man who tried to understand his son but didn't always succeed, to being the most supportive, understanding, and fiercely protective dad of both of his sons and the Glee club in general. He's amazing.

10. Adam Braverman & Joel Graham

Perhaps every dad in Parenthood should make this list, because holy crap this family is amazing. But, Adam and Joel might be the absolute best of the best here as two incredible dads in similar and different ways. They did so many things to prove their worth as fathers, from Adam starting a school to help Max to Joel making sure to always be there for his kids, even when his family was going through a hard time.

11. Luke Danes

Not only did Luke do a great job adjusting to being April's dad (he didn't do a great job keeping his relationship with Lorelai, of course, but that's a whole different story), he was also basically Rory's father in the moments when it counted the most. He saw Rory grow up and clearly had a positive impact on her.

12. Sheriff Stilinski

Not only does he know how to deal with someone as ridiculous (and amazing) as Stiles, he also has never let Stiles down when he needed him the most. Sherriff Stilinski knows about the monsters that roam Beacon Hills (it takes him a while to get it, of course), and understands that sometimes he can protect his son, and sometimes his son can protect him. Plus, he's been a great father-figure to Stiles' best friend Scott as well.

13. Ron Swanson

He's Ron f**king Swanson. He is this list.

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